504 Plan, IEP, ILP, & MTSS Consultation

Here at J2 Tutoring we have consultations with families in order to explain their childs evaluation results. Parents will have many questions once the evaluation is over.  However, this enables us to calculate if there is eligibility for accademic support services. It is common to feel intimidated by the formal meeting, staffing and documentation process. Also, parents often find themselves wondering whether or not the evaluation gives an accurate representation of their child. In other words, they feel the 504, IEP, ILP, or MTSS process did not properly reflect their child’s abilities. Therefore, they will have questions about whether their child is receiving the correct support services at their school.

Parents of students who attend charter or parochial schools, smaller academies or private schools have questions about how academic support might be provided within the context of a non-public school. Having the consulations with families helps alleviate any unneccessary stress.

The consultations with families allow us to discuss the results of your child’s evaluation prior to the staffing date. We discuss the process and, when appropriate, discuss the differences between these plans. Families often feel that their requests and concerns are better heard when articulated by our J2 Focus Coach. At any time, concerns may arise that a student’s accommodation or modification might not be consistently provided, per originally documented. This is a time when we meet with the student and their family to discuss what is occurring versus what the student requires. The student, parent and consultant will request a review, or less formal meeting, to discuss a proactive plan.  This allows for adjusting services to reflect those defined within their documentation. J2 has been consulting with elementary through university level students and their families through the transition, eligibility and implementation of the accommodation processes for nearly 20 years.


  • Self-Regulation

    We were pulling our hair out and communication between with our boy was nil. After two weeks with Just2 we saw improvement and we were talking again. After the first quarter, we began receiving positive teacher feedback that resulted in better grades than we had seen previously.

    —Patty S., Centennial Middle School Parent
  • F's to A's

    Our Junior at Fairview quickly turned his ds &fs to a’s & b’s. Just2 turned his helplessness around to independence.  

    —Bob N.,  Fairview High Parent
  • 504 & Concussion Protocol

    On October 12 of last year, our son suffered a concussion on the athletic field. J2 help us navigate the school’s temporary 504/concussion protocol. Unfortunately, during his recovery, he began experiencing symptoms of anxiety that we hadn’t seen in years. Fortunately, we had the Just2 Tutoring team to support us through what might otherwise have been a disastrous semester.  

    —Stacy H., Monarch High Parent
  • Direct Instruction

    We had suspected that our daughter was falling behind in reading. But, it wasn’t until Claire’s fourth grade teacher suggested some additional support that we contacted Just2 Tutoring. Clair was paired with a perfect match for her and together they worked through her challenges in decoding, fluency and comprehension. Our J2 tutor used a dynamic approach incorporating Linda-Mood Bell and Orton Gillham methodologies with unique activities that made use of Claire’s own stories to keep her engaged. Last semester she reached her reading goals and was promoted to a reading group with her friends. She is so proud of herself and we are of her!  

    —Leslie Y.,  Foothills Elementary Parent
  • Recent Diagnosis

    Following a period of frustration, we had our son formally evaluated by a local neuropsychologist. We were relieved to find that there was a reason for our frustration and a name for what he had been experiencing. The doctor explained that while ADHD is the diagnosis, it is in the training of executive functions that will assist Jack in compensating for his focus challenges and impulsivity. She suggested that we call Just2 Tutoring for what she referred to as “boots on the ground” support for Jack. J2 set up weekly meetings, accountability calls and progress meetings which resulted in effect organization and productivity. Shortly after that, we saw a significant increase in grades and an improved attitude about school. 

    —Frank N., Southern Hills Middle School Parent
  • ACT/SAT & College Preparation

    Our family is very thankful for Jaz and Mike at Just2Tutoring. Our daughter worked with Mike over many sessions to raise her SAT scores over 100 points AND make her competitive for Engineering School. They worked with her through video conferencing on Google Hangouts so location does not matter. So far she has received three acceptances to Engineering Schools including her top choice at University of Colorado Boulder and expects to receive even more.  Also, she has received over $70,000 dollars in scholarships over four years and hopefully more to come. This would not have been possible without the excellent instruction and support of Just2Tutoring. Thank you, Jaz and Mike for being the game changer for Abby. 

    —Carol S. Herndon, VA High School