Amber Rose Bauer

    Amber Rose Bauer earned her BA at the University of Redlands in Southern CA. Having gone through an alternative elementary school that supported student-led learning, she joined the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, a living-learning community where she designed her own major in Expressive Arts and Somatic Studies. Since graduating she has been working in the education field for over two years, working as an Intervention Aide in the special education department of Lagunitas Elementary and Middle School, and now as an assistant preschool teacher at Garden’s Nest. Working in special education for two years gave Amber Rose a broad understanding of learning disabilities and how to compassionately work with each student given their own unique gifts and challenges. She also gained experience tutoring middle schoolers in Math, Social Studies, and English at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center. She is now very excited to join the team of Just 2 tutors and to support more students in their learning and growth. In her free time, Amber Rose enjoys painting and drawing, going out in nature, and spending time with friends and loved ones.