Brianna Bane
    Brianna graduated from CSU: Fresno State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies. She moved to the Phoenix, AZ area to teach 6th and 7th grade at a local charter preparatory school, where she taught Latin, Ancient History and Algebra. After two years of teaching, Brianna moved on to attend Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, where she earned three years of substantial recruitment scholarships for tuition. Never losing her love for education, she taught 4th grade before heading off to Fort Benning, GA to begin her training with the Army JAG Corps. Brianna served over 4 years as a military lawyer and officer in the Army. During that time, she was actively engaged in many forms of education and outreach within the service. After years of being an independent self-starter who hustled her way from one coast to the other, Brianna is pursuing her joy: bringing her back to passing her knowledge and skills onto our younger generations.