Greg Kondor

    Greg received a Bachelor of Science degree from CU Boulder in Aerospace Engineering in 2018. This degree exposed him to high-level mathematics and physical sciences i.e. physics, dynamics, and fluids. He has always excelled at math and has grown to appreciate its laws and functionality. He often helped other students in his classes to understand difficult concepts.

    Since graduating, Greg has taken time to explore some opportunities that he was unable to fit into his life while attending school. He has been working on his passion for creating through painting, drawing, woodworking, and music. Greg works with pointillism and his artwork often incorporates sacred geometry and patterns such as the Fibonacci sequence found in spirals. He is currently working on a side project applying his design skills to yoga pants and other clothing

    Greg was a youth snowboard instructor for 5 years in Vail, CO, and really enjoys working with kids. He incorporates the skills that he has learned through teaching with the knowledge he has gained in mathematics to help make math easier for anyone who struggles with math.