Heidi Cuppari

    Heidi Cuppari is a leader in social impact investing, youth-centered-design, and women’s leadership. She served as a wealth manager at UBS for high-net-worth and ultra-high-networth impact investors. Heidi is currently the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Dream Tank, which activates youth entrepreneurs to solve global social challenges. She also coaches, activates and supports GenZers, Millennials and women entrepreneurs and investors through strategic collaboration. Recently she spoke in Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum’s 50th Annual Meeting about the importance of youth to innovate a human-centered digital economy.

    As a student herself, Heidi taught herself to read at the age of 3 to be able to read a book titled “Tell My Why”. She has an intense interest in why things are the way they are, what motivates people, and how to help people take action in their lives. Before the age of 5, she was also fluent in 4 languages – French, Italian, German and English. The school system and her classmates had her feel like she had to dim her genius to fit in, so she stopped all of those things and had to work with a teacher as a tutor to re-learn to read in the 1st grade. Since then she has learned that the education system is very challenging for unique learners and thinkers, and that learning disabilities are really superpowers that need a different learning approach.

    In high school Heidi was a scholar athlete and won awards in the state of New Jersey for excelling at school, activities and sports, and was part of the National Honor Society.

    She was encouraged by her swim coach to apply to Ivy League schools, and she ended up going to Brown University and swimming Division 1 sports. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior & Management – a holistic business and psychology/sociology degree. Her studies focused on what motivates people in organizations and in life, and she’s applied that learning in every step of her career, and most recently, with her own kids, and the kids she’s mentored the past 5 years.