Janell Kamm

    Janell is an avid lifelong learner who invites all who need support and guidance to reach out.  Kind and full of empathy for the aspiring expert, Janell has a history of studying dance, special education, and elementary education while currently focusing on self-betterment, self-empowerment, and the Japanese language.  All is possible with diligence and enthusiasm, and Janell has a keen eye for insight and applying what has freshly been learned.

    Janell was a camp counselor and has helped lead, organize, and advocate for student-centered learning throughout her education years and professional life.  She is eager to help students who do not find reading and writing easy, and she can help any enthusiastic learner with methods that target and conquer knowledge gaps, all while inspiring literary confidence!

    Janell is keen to share her passion for knowledge and to inspire a lifelong love of learning with all students of life.