Mason Scot Curtis

    I am a recent Stanford graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Simultaneously, I am a legally licensed grade school teacher in the state of Colorado. 

         Since emerging from childhood, I have always holistically appreciated the opportunity to teach youth, both in academia and in the general life skills to maintain the mindset necessitated to find a healthy balance between work and play in one’s life. Most especially, I am fulfilled when I am able to inspire curiosity in some thought genre and or can guide a student to reach a more thorough understanding of an academic discipline. I am a nationally certified professional engineer in training and have experience working in project management and mechanical design consulting roles. 

         In addition to  the aforementioned quantitative affinity I possess, I am also quite apt at qualitative dynamics of English language analysis and creation. Concordantly, I attained a minor in English from Stanford University in addition to my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

         I have worked on such projects as the new Apple spaceship campus  in Cupertino, California.  In Addition, I have worked on the Transbay 7 terminal construction project in San Francisco. I treasure the opportunity to share the academic and professional knowledge I have obtained with today’s youth. Although engineering disciplines are quite interesting to me, I have recently discovered that my true professional passion lies in bringing others to an understanding of said scientific dynamics.

         On a more personal recreation note, I enjoy being outside and playing with my dog! I truly value the holistic benefit of staying close with my family and simultaneously perpetuating true friends that I have had the honor to meet in my life. 

         I would very much appreciate the opportunity to guide a grade school student in their academic progress and intellectual discovery. I am capable of doing so in most every grade school subject, with the exception of languages other than English. On the college level, I am able to teach mathematics and physics at the introductory stage of collegiate structure for said subjects.