Nicky Antonellis
    My name is Nicky Antonellis and I have been tutoring and guiding students ages 8 to 22 for the past 7 years. I have tutored at summer camps, with the Wesleyan University physics department, with Varsity Tutors and on my own. I have tutored many subjects ranging from SAT Reading, SAT Math, to college-level physics over the years. These days I am most interested in meditation and mindfulness, and how these practices can help us to become more kind, peaceful and happy people. In 2019, I helped to found a nonprofit, Dharma Gates, which has served young people primarily, aged from age 18 to 25. We make meditation opportunities accessible and engaging for young people, including making available high quality meditation retreats, teachers and techniques.
    Some other things I have done in the past few years include: playing college football and winning a NESCAC championship at Wesleyan University, publishing two papers in a top applied physics journal, completing an undergraduate degree in physics and economics and a master’s degree in physics (all from Wesleyan University), leading environmental and animal rights campaigns across Colorado, being a professional data scientist with a renewable energy startup, and being a professional engineer with a RF hardware manufacturer in Boulder. My meditation experience includes 5,000+ hours of formal meditation practice including over 10 residential week-long meditation retreats, a month long retreat in Myanmar, multiple residential training periods at Zen monasteries, and most recently a three month silent meditation retreat. I am happy to continue serving students and families with the Just2 Tutoring team.