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Self-esteem is an important factor for students’ success. It affects the way they view themselves and their accomplishments, and it can have a powerful impact on how they interact with peers, teachers, and other school personnel. By understanding academic identity, Just2 coaches are able to help students build self-esteem from within.

Discovering Academic Identity With Your Coach

Just2 coaches strive to develop strong relationships with each student in order to identify their needs and areas of improvement. Through this connection, coaches are able to guide students toward a better academic identity by providing supported feedback and guidance on various topics, including reading speed, study habits, executive function skills, and more. In addition to these traditional methods of coaching, 

Just2 also utilizes data collection tools such as course performance metrics, personality inventories, learning style assessments, and Love Language tests in order to gain valuable insight into each student’s unique academic identity. This information is then used to tailor personalized strategies that are designed to improve the student’s overall self-esteem while building confidence in their abilities as learners.

Why Understanding Academic Identity Important

As students learn to know what type of student they are, they’ll begin to understand where they excel academically. At Just2 our coaches lean in on our student’s strengths to help them grow toward their passions. As they grow in understanding their strengths and passions, our students learn to visualize their academic goals and where those goals can take them in the future. We want to give our students the outlook to grow and excel throughout their academic journey.

Practice Makes Progress

The growth of our student’s self-esteem is further enhanced when they receive regular feedback on their progress. For example, by providing positive reinforcement for good grades, improved test scores, or acknowledging hard work even when results don’t go as expected. Acknowledging small successes over time builds up a student’s confidence which generates enthusiasm for future goals. Recognizing mistakes but staying focused on continued effort helps boost a student’s resilience towards failure by teaching them that setbacks do not define them or predict future performance.

Just2 Builds Self-Esteem

At its core, improving self-esteem requires developing a deep understanding of each student’s academic identity alongside offering consistent support throughout the process. Just2 provides this understanding through data collection tools while emphasizing meaningful connections that foster productive conversations around academics and life goals. With the combination of these unique elements in place, self-esteem has the potential to transform both personal growth and educational success within any learner who walks through our doors! 

Book a consultation with Just2 today and learn how we can help your young person thrive by understanding their academic identity.

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