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  • You live with or know a struggling student, a child who you just know is not performing to their potential that would benefit from tutoring.
  • Seeking a solution, an academic support counselor. Arguments about homework is tiring.

Parents often experience limitations of time, patience and content understanding. It is so frustrating, especially for the student, knowing that potential is not reflected by performance. Your child has the ability, and in many cases, an exceptional ability. However, their grades do not reflect true potential for various reasons.

Let me tell you a quick story.

Once upon a time, there was a young student. He excelled in his studies, enjoyed his teachers and felt a connection to his school. Sometime, just before middle school, things began to change. Unfortunately, troubles began to develop within his home. He felt alienated at school, therefore his grades settled into something mediocre. As a result, this continued through his high school experience and it wasn’t until his undergraduate years that he found the mentoring & guidance he needed all along. With a loss of nearly a decade of academic development, much potential is lost.

We all know this story. Maybe it’s someone you know or maybe it’s a story about you. It is a story of a young person with great talent, a student who is highly intelligent and creative, someone who could have excelled with the right mentorship. It is a story with which I am too familiar and J2 is here to help.

Each semester since 2001, we have met hundreds of parents and their children. After a few weeks of our work together, we frequently hear:

“Where have you been all these years?”

Consistent, positive interaction with a global focus coach can lift both student grades and the academic pressures of parenting. Like the seed that falls on good soil, your student’s positive interaction with an effective mentor and tutor is essential to their academic success.

Just2 Tutoring will help clear the fog and remove excuses through real-time reports and direct teacher contact. Seeking the right fit for your child indicates an enormous commitment. It is this whatever it takes attitude that will move a student far beyond their excuses to develop an appropriate level of independence.

Just2 Tutoring will:

  • Teach what might have been missed
  • Maintain organization and completion of assignments
  • Accelerate learning within the course content
  • Provide Coaching in the areas of time management, organization and study skills

Just2 Tutoring is your source for academic answers

Here’s how to startwith J2:

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