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As the summer break comes to an end, you can be looking forward to the next year or dreading the early mornings. In either case, getting a headstart on planning is a brilliant idea. There are a few easy things your young person can do to ease back into their studies and be ready for the upcoming year, even if they might be tempted to "put their head in the sand" and attempt to forget about the rapidly approaching first week back.

We help you get what you want!

Personalized PDFs and premium E-materials

Exclusive access to our personalized PDFs and premium E-materials for your young person to utilize at no cost and you’ll receive them weekly! These are currently available only to Just2 students.

One consult call with our Lead Coach, Learning Specialist, and Just2 founder, Mike Manning

This will help you identify school accommodations that fit best for your young person in the form of 504/ IEP/ ILP/ or MTSS and receive a Strategic Plan for your young person to end this school year strong.

Accountability Coaching Calls

Four (4) additional accountability coaching calls to promote independence, initiative, and follow-up on school and home responsibilities.

Parent Coaching Calls with our Parent Coach, Expert, and Strategist, Jaz Mannion

Two (2) parent coaching calls with our Parent Coach, Expert, and Strategist, Jaz Mannion, to interrupt the parental nag and increase connection with your young person. These coaching calls are exclusively offered to Just2 parents but here’s your chance to experience intensive support from our expert.

Academic Services

Just2 Coaches for Lifelong Success Before & Beyond Graduations

Our two decades of academic coaching experiences have provided us with a deep understanding of the relationship between Executive Function Skills and Lifelong Success. We provide personalized coaching strategies that open the doors of opportunity to students. Parents can experience relief and confidence in knowing that their child is prepared to manage themselves, their time, and their responsibilities both inside and outside of academic settings.

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Get started right away with our Semester Start-Up Checklist, set goals, organize materials, and set up calendars and schedules that support productivity and ease.