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Just2 Coaches for Lifelong Success Before & Beyond Graduations

Our two decades of academic coaching experiences have provided us with a deep understanding of the relationship between Executive Function Skills and Lifelong Success. We provide personalized coaching strategies that open the doors of opportunity to students. Parents can experience relief and confidence in knowing that their child is prepared to manage themselves, their time, and their responsibilities both inside and outside of academic settings.

Summer Offerings!

Social Intelligence & the Study of Film

Do you love TV and movies? Then join us this summer for a 10 session study of your favorite films and television as we explore the subtleties of acting, direction, and the power of indirect communication.

Summer Credit Acceleration

Executive Functions in your Home Kitchen

Do you ever wonder how chefs and home cooks get everything to the table tasting good, hot, and ready to eat all at the same time? Did you ever wonder if it is possible to cook a meal without leaving the kitchen in a mess? The answer is planning, organization, and time management.

Credit Recovery Course Support

Summer Robot Intensive

Have a great summer and literally make a new friend. Make a robot and practice research planning, organization, time management, and following instructions.

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