Academic Focus Coaching

Academic Coaching for
Elementary School Students

Academic coaching for Elementary school students helps catapult your child to success. While children aren’t born with working memory, mental flexibility, or self-control.

Academic Coaching for Middle
School Students

Middle school presents new obstacles and is a time when J2’s Academic Focus Coaching can help students develop new habits and approaches before the student becomes resistant to change.

Academic Coaching for High
School Students

Academic coaching for high school students helps to boost student success.  High school is a time when students juggle several demands, especially, increasing academic expectations.

Academic Coaching for
College Students

College students often experience numerous challenges, particularly, but not limited to the transition from high school.

How is J2 different from conventional tutoring?

J2’s Academic Focus Coaching provides customized and comprehensive one-on-one support in specific academic content areas (such as math, science, writing, Spanish, test prep, and more) while equipping students with the tools to organize, plan, prioritize, focus, assess, and study effectively.

Who Does Just2 Tutoring Serve?

As the demands of school have increased and we’ve gained more of an understanding of the relationship between Executive Function skills and academic & lifelong success, we’ve seen an increasing number of students who want more than just a conventional content-based tutoring. Additionally, our personalized approach, combined with our expertise (Learning Specialist, Gifted and Talented 2E; Special Education Credentialed in PA, CA & CO; Play Therapist) allows us to meet the unique needs of K-12 and college students who have been diagnosed with ADHD and/or learning differences, have experienced trauma, or are going through family transitions such as divorce, adoption, or relocation. We also work with students, such as homeschoolers, high-performing athletes and child entertainers, who have unconventional academic schedules. Just2 Tutoring has been coaching students for nearly 20 years.

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