Just2's Individualized Programs Support Success for Elementary, Middle, High School and College Students

Just2’s Program for
Elementary School Students

Our academic support program for Elementary school students nurtures emerging readers and provides direct reading instruction necessary for kids to read to learn. First, we learn to read, and then we read to learn.

Just2’s Program for Middle
School Students

Middle school can be a turbulent time or a time when kids develop their passions and curiosity. While supporting academic objectives, our Executive Function Coaches help kids tap into interest-based learning, develop effective communication skills, and successful study habits.

Just2’s Program for High
School Students

 High school is a time when students juggle both social and academic demands. Our team of tutors and coaches help students to develop systems of organization and study strategies. We provide future planning by managing GPA and offering individualized SAT & ACT coaching to maximize college and vocational options.

Just2’s Program for
College Students

The transition from high school to college can be overwhelming for both students and their families. Our coaches and mentors facilitate the management of living away from home and navigating academic and life responsibilities. Experienced support is provided through consistent contact, academic tutoring, and systems of accountability.

Just2 Coaches for Lifelong Success Before & Beyond Graduations

Our two decades of academic coaching experiences have provided us with a deep understanding of the relationship between Executive Function Skills and Lifelong Success. We provide personalized coaching strategies that open the doors of opportunity to students. Parents can experience relief and confidence in knowing that their child is prepared to manage themselves, their time, and their responsibilities both inside and outside of academic settings.

Latest Blog

J2 Presents a Free, Virtual Workshop: Prep and Pep for the Fall Semester

Free workshop: We invite you to participate in our free online workshop: PREP & PEP-TRANSITION BACK TO SCHOOL IN A CONFIDENT WAY WORKSHOP, Saturday, August 15th, 12-1:30 PM. This workshop will cover: Current updates on school reopening plans Assessment of past academic performance Logistics of functioning as a returning student in a potentially hybrid setting […]

Ritualized Study

Executive Functions as Demonstrated by Ritualized Study Executive Functions can be difficult to measure.  However, the practice of what we call ritualized study and routines can be an indicator of the synthesis of EF skills. A ritual is an action or practice done in a customary way or common practice for an intended purpose. Your […]

When Self Regulation is a Challenge: A Response to Current Events

When Self Regulation is a Challenge: A Response to Current Events Self-regulation as an answer to racism and violence. When I am driving, I can become a different person. You see, I am a courteous driver. I follow the rules, drive the speed limit and I let people over when they are attempting to merge. […]

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