Just2 Philosophy

J2 believes in the importance of meeting the unique needs of students. Most adults acknowledge that success is not only determined by our intellectual abilities or knowledge in our field, but is intertwined with our ability to juggle multiple needs, manage time, persevere, maintain focus, and respond to our emotional and physical needs. J2’s customized approach transcends traditional tutoring by developing lifelong skills and strategies, providing mentoring that builds confidence and independence, while instructing students in academic content areas.

J2 students create study schedules and study rituals, which promote content engagement. We foster productivity, accountability, and integrity through consistent contact ensured by scheduled sessions and check-in calls. Read more…

Regularly scheduled progress meetings, bi-weekly check-in calls with students, or parent phone calls keep everyone informed and allow us to celebrate successes and identify areas for growth. Each of these bi weekly check-in calls function as a satellite to student sessions; they may be by phone or video conferencing. These check-ins allow your child’s tutor/coach to follow up on the academic expectation and communications of today yesterday and tomorrow. Students have an opportunity to share where they have experienced a win, where they feel stuck and articulate how they will engage today in their strategy for success.

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