Our coaches are driven by a shared belief that we can harness the unique talents of students when we develop their confidence and independence, and we can empower them by utilizing proven and practical strategies. Our team of coaches include veteran educators and recently trained teachers who draw upon the latest research. Coaches undergo a selective hiring process that ensures they have the skills to provide high-quality direct instruction, share our educational philosophy, have extensive experience in Executive Function coaching, and possess the interpersonal abilities that promote a positive mentor-student partnership. Our coaches undergo background checks, multiple interviews, and a written assessment.

  • Mike Manning
    Mike Manning

    Mike Manning began his teaching as Learning Specialist and Program Coordinator in inner-city schools on both the East and West coasts. He was recognized by the Superintendent of SFUSD for outstanding performance prior to his relocation to Colorado, in 1998. Mike studied Gifted & Talented Education at University of Northern Colorado while at BVSD’s CHOICE Program as Case Manager and, in 2001, launched Just2 Tutoring.

    Today, Mike and J2 serve students with unique needs who are enrolled in local public and private schools. Additionally, Just2 serves home school students and frequently meets with students via video conferencing. J2 specializes in a global approach to academic support including: time management, organization and study skills.

  • Jaz Mannion
    Jaz Mannion

    Jaz Mannion began her work as Therapeutic Director for both residential and recreational programs for multiply handicapped children and adults. She earned her Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychology/Dance Movement Therapy from Naropa University and holds advanced certifications in child-centered, play and marriage-family therapies. Today, Jaz and Just2 Tutoring serve families to improve communication and relations as they navigate their way through their child’s academic landscape.

  • Deanna Paglia
      Deanna Paglia

      Originally from Harvard, Massachusetts, Deanna’s interest in languages, travel and experiencing different cultures was piqued at an early age. While in high school, she moved to Santander, Spain and through her mid-twenties, lived, studied and worked in various cities in Spain. After graduating from Smith College in 1998 with a B.A. in Political Theory and Spanish Language, she attended Middlebury College where she earned her M.A. in Spanish Literature, Language and Culture. In 2005, she taught Spanish as a second language for six years in Massachusetts, she moved to Oaxaca, Mexico, where she taught ESL and was the

      Dean of the English Department at La Universidad de la Sierra Sur. In 2008, Deanna moved to Colorado and began her second master’s degree while employed as a world language teacher of Spanish in the Adams 14 School District. She graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder in 2010 with her Master’s in Linguistically Diverse Education (ESL). From September 2014 – July 2015, she worked as an English Language Fellow stationed in Arequipa, Peru at the Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano. While in Peru, Deanna worked with the U.S. Embassy and Georgetown University as an educational liaison/teacher trainer for ESL teachers in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and El Salvador.

    • Darrin Gilman
        Darrin Gilman

        Darrin focused his formal studies on molecular biology and mathematics during his time in Boulder at the University of Colorado. After earning his B.A. and a position to study at CU Medical School, he chose to pursue other means of service and intellectual growth rather than continuing on into the medical field.  His passion for helping others achieve high levels of success led him to a position as an alpine ski racing coach where his work with aspiring athletes helped improve the mental, emotional, and physical aspects needed to perform under high degrees of pressure. His work as a classroom teacher and tutor with the Princeton Review has further helped many students achieve their goals for higher education by assisting in the mastery of subject material and strategies needed for top marks in graduate and medical school entrance exams. During his time with TPR, he also helped high school students on their paths towards college through academic strategizing, SAT and ACT preparation, and situational prospection relating to future scholastic endeavors.  He is founder and CEO of From an Olive Tree, a nascent multi-tiered educational endeavor aiming to provide balanced, factual and compassionate paradigms to be used as building blocks for the creation of greater functional systems in areas such as education, medicine, business, and politics.

      • Dean Eyolfson
          Dean Eyolfson

          Dean is a senior at the University of Colorado, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Computer Science. In high school, Dean provided academic support to students in Cherry Creek School District’s Before and After School program. After graduating from CU, Dean looks forward to working for a non-profit organization before attending law school.

        • Maximillion Knight
            Maximillion Knight

            Maximilian received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado for Environmental Engineering and a minor in Ethnic Studies in 2017.

            He has a strong background in chemistry, physics and mathematics and is also a competent writer and critical thinker.

            Since graduating from CU, he is the mastermind behind a unique start up company in the agricultural field and is teaching yoga locally in Boulder and Longmont. Max enjoys working with children and has been doing so in various capacities since he was in high school as a camp counselor and yoga teacher. Max cares deeply about young people and is excited to master the skill of teaching executive skills and various academic disciplines under the guidance of Just 2 Tutoring.

          • Victor Roberts
              Victor Roberts

              Victor grew up in Georgia, but his real home has been Colorado ever since he moved out here 20 years ago.  He has been teaching and tutoring in the Boulder area for over a decade, specializing in math, science, literature, and philosophy, with much of his background focused on working with highly and profoundly gifted twice exceptional kids.  When he’s not trying to prevent his three-year-old nuclear-powered twin boys from creating a global catastrophe, you can find him hiking or biking the local trails, playing disc golf, reading, writing, enjoying [only epic] tv, or playing video or board games.

            • Jose “Joey” Cruz
                Jose “Joey” Cruz

                Joey hales from the southeastern regions of Spain, where his professional and personal focus was serving the needs of children and adolescents.

                After finishing his college degree in math, language and history, Joey founded and instructed at Centro Raku, where he instructed dance and movement and counseled individuals based on their physical and mental needs.

                After six years at Centro Raku, Joey spent a year traveling, during which time he entered a Buddhist monastery and began his journey of a monastic path.

                Joey’s astute knowledge base in a range of subjects; his ability to connect with others; and his passion for mindfulness and teaching allow him to provide the optimal environment to help his students excel.

                Joey is a proud father to a bright one year old son and lives with his Partner in Boulder, Colorado.

              • Stephen Solis
                  Stephen Solis

                  Stephen Solis is currently in his 15th year as a high school Special Education teacher.  Over those years he has taken a life coach approach to helping students achieve academic success and have a fulfilling school experience.  Instead of helping in the quick memorization of information for an upcoming test, he guides students to develop the executive functioning skills and consistent habits that will sustain them throughout their school experience.

                  Stephen earned a BS in Communication and Psychology from Emmanuel College in 2001, a teaching certificate from Georgia State University in 2003 and Masters in Education from the University of Northern Colorado in 2017.

                  After years of teaching and tutoring school subjects that he used to fear have now become favorites.  I love both Algebras, Geometry, Physical Science, Biology, literature, grammar and all of the Social Studies.

                  Stephen’s goal is to help students find the internal confidence to take on every challenge presented to them and know that they have the tools to master them.

                • Ted Phillips
                    Ted Phillips
                    Ted studied biology and writing/documentary at Duke University, where he earned a BS in Biology. A highlight of his college education was spending a year at the Duke Marine Lab, where he was a Rachel Carson Research Scholar. He studied biology, social science, and writing as they relate to the sea as well as conducting independent research on humpback whale communication.
                    A camp counselor since day one, Ted’s career working with young people started at YMCA camps as a high schooler and quickly progressed to a residential camp in western North Carolina. He’s still going back to camp each year to spend a few weeks leading hikes, teaching primitive skills, and acting a fool. A versatile outdoor educator, he has led backpacking trips, instructed rock climbing, and mentored/trained camp counselors.
                    After his interest in education was sparked at camp, Ted progressed to the classroom, where he has taught biology, music, & design to grades K – 12 at independent schools in Rhode Island and Colorado. He is particularly excited about tiny classes with student-driven curricula.
                    Ted’s goals as an academic supporter are to foster relationships, focus on individualized strategies, and build towards independence at school and beyond.

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