Expert academic coaching will boost your student’s performance, therefore, helping them throughout college and into careers.  Our coaches are driven by a shared belief that we can harness the unique talents of students by developing their confidence and independence.  So, we empower them by utilizing proven and practical strategies.  Our team of coaches include veteran educators and recently trained teachers who draw upon the latest research. Coaches undergo a selective hiring process that ensures they have the skills to provide high-quality direct instruction.  Also, they must share our educational philosophy and have extensive experience in Executive Function coaching.   Therefore, possessing the interpersonal abilities that promote a positive mentor-student partnership. Our coaches undergo background checks, multiple interviews, and a written assessment.  View below our expert academic coaching team and let us help your student!

Michael John Mannion

Jaz Mannion

Carolyn Prince

Stephen Solis

Laurel Payzant

Joseph Lawlor

Camila Tedder

Foster Greer

Sarah Eck

Raymond Baker

Valeria Sher – Arazi

Erik Tucker

John Faughnan

Julianna Watson

Wesley Boggs

Slade Stolar

Annika Ekrem