Camila Tedder
    Camila holds a Bachelor’s in Comparative World Literature, emphasizing Literature of the Americas, and an Associate Degree in English. She also earned a Bachelor’s in Journalism back in Brazil before moving to the  U.S. During her academic career, she volunteered at the writing centers at San Francisco State University and the College of Marin helping other students with their essays.
    Since graduating, Camila has been freelancing with translation, editing, and writing. Previous to joining Just2 Tutoring, she wrote for a marketing company specializing in mental health. Her favorite job thus far has been teaching Portuguese to students during their gap year in Brazil. During that time, she created a syllabus that went over Portuguese grammar, Brazilian literature, history, and culture.
    Writing, reading, and researching remains her passion. She could talk about language for quite a while if you let her. She looks forward to sharing her love for the academic world with you.