Raymond Baker

    Raymond graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Philosophy. For his honors, he successfully defended a thesis titled “Eckmann-Hilton and the Hopf Fibration in Homotopy Type Theory”, which he subsequently presented at the Carnegie Mellon International Conference on Homotopy Type Theory.

    Raymond found a passion for academics in high school after enrolling in math and philosophy courses at his local community college. Realizing that everyone can love these subjects if only given the chance to take the reins of their academic journey and explore their interests, Raymond began seeking out opportunities to share his passion for mathematics and philosophy with others. He believes that everyone has an innate ability and passion for learning but, to truly tap into this, students need to be equipped with the right study skills. He hopes to help all his students cultivate these skills and take on their academics in stride.

    Raymond has worked as a mathematics tutor at CU Boulder for 3 years, helping students with subjects ranging from calculus to linear algebra and discrete math. He has also worked as a summer school teacher, leading a class of sixth graders through their summer curriculum. He enjoys helping all students find their passion for learning, especially those who might feel lost or out of place in the classroom.