J2’s next event is December 8th

J2’s next event is December 8th

J2 Finals Prep Workshop Promotion

Parents: Please send your kids with their backpacks, laptops, cell phones & a notepad for effective integration of all the tools we will be providing.

Questions email admin@just2tutoring.com 

"J2 speaks kid language."

Preston, Centennial Middle, 6th Grade

Presentations & Workshops

J2 offers presentations and interactive workshops, geared towards educators and families, on topics including:

  • Executive Functioning: Life Inside and Outside the Classroom
  • Dyslexia: Finding New Ways to Learn
  • Navigating ADD/ADHD
  • Improving the Child/Parent Relationship
  • How to Let Your Child Fail
  • Bullying and Social Relationships
  • Silent Meanness Between Girls
  • Managing a Challenging Athletic Schedule and Academics
  • Designing a Study Space that Works

To discuss the needs of your group and how we can help, please contact us.