Our Services


It provides asynchronous services plus online, in-person support for 5-10 students in a group setting, on a daily basis Sunday through Friday with multiple time options throughout the day and evening. You will meet in the group setting for a kick-off call each Sunday, to initiate with respect to both coursework and our unique J2 Semester Success Themes.


This fully personalized approach allocates 2.5 hours of 1-1 coach student meeting time, scheduled throughout the week in accordance with your class, work, and social agenda. These sessions are guided by our J2 Semester Success Themes but are driven by you, the student, with respect to which activities will provide the greatest benefit to you in each given session.


This is designed to provide students who require simple prompts and the security of a second set of eyes on their school portal with the security they desire. This service incorporates three weekly course audits, conducted by your Accountability Coach, with message updates sent to you following each audit with result updates, outstanding work, and upcoming tasks identified in each.

The Team

Mike Mannion

Accountability Coach, Learning Specialist

Jaz Mannion

Parent Coach, Strategist

Carolyn Prince

Lead Accountability Coach

Who We Are

ONiT CSS is a one of the branches of academic services provided by Just2 Tutoring. Led by qualified and experienced educators and therapists, your young person can expect a successful semester.

Our lead parent coach, Jaz Mannion, MA brings nearly twenty-five years of experience in guiding successful communications and familial relationships, Caz Prince, MA.ed brings a over twenty years of expertise and experience devoted to inspiring the full potential from her students.

Michael John Mannion, Learning Specialist has over twenty-five years of classroom and individual mentorship and instruction. Together, the ONiT leadership team guides college students in the development of accountability, integrity, productivity and, ultimately, success.

We are compassionate, caring, empathetic, directive, knowledgeable about campus services, your team mate, good listeners, problem solvers, helpers, motivated, driven to help you succeed, detail orientated, great communicators, neurodiverse aware/conscious/sensitive



Having an accountability coach has helped me improve not only in college but being a better hardworking person in the real world. Their main focus is to help you succeed with your academics but I see it in the bigger picture. Having an accountability coach has helped me drastically, I now have a filled out calendar planning my whole week. Not only do I have all of my assignments early but they are done with 110% effort. If I looked at myself from before then to now, I would not be as successful as I am now. I really do think everyone should have a little ONiT in their life.

Jamo, College Sophomore (East Coast College)


As a college student, having an accountability coach is important for keeping organized. Since I have had an accountability coach I have had a lot more time to think about my classes and it has really lifted a lot of the weight off my shoulders.

Luke, College Sophomore (East Coast College)


As an accountability coach, working with college students is such a powerful way to make a huge difference in their experience. As they learn those key executive function skills, and gain confidence in putting them in place, these young adults find themselves full of energy and with more free time than they ever imagined, all while achieving and exceeding their academic goals.

Carolyn Prince