Annika Ekrem
    Annika is a Boulder native and a recent graduate from the Chemistry program at CU Boulder. Having begun her undergraduate career as a dual major in Chemistry and Clarinet Performance, she is well-versed in both the realms of hard science and arts and humanities.
    Annika has experience working with students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, spanning from elementary school through college age and including both neurotypical and neurodivergent learners. Her favorite teaching experience to date was her work as a peer mentor in the Adelante! Program at Boulder High School, where she spent her last class period of each day helping first-generation college-bound LatinX students with their studies across all subjects. This opportunity gave her a great chance to leverage her passion for teaching as well as her fluency in Spanish. While she loves coaching all subjects, Annika’s areas of special expertise include science (especially chemistry, biology, and anatomy/physiology), Spanish, and music theory and performance (although this one comes up infrequently).
    When she’s not teaching, Annika works as a research scientist at a local startup investigating new methods of plastic recycling. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, trivia, playing the clarinet and piano, martial arts, and taking care of her pet tiger salamander, Jackal. Annika is a lifelong academic with a drive to share her enthusiasm for learning with the world, and she’s so excited to be a part of your educational journey!