Julianna Watson

    Julianna has always been an experiential learner, drawn to styles outside of the traditional school systems. Her love for this blossomed early on as she recognized the differences in how she learned best compared to her peers. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs with an emphasis on Latin America and Spanish from the University of Colorado Boulder. She loves working and learning alongside students and being in their imaginative world, especially after spending seven years as a rock climbing coach with a variety of ages.

    After graduating from school, Julianna felt a deep concern about the present state of agriculture, which led her to work in the field on a series of different farms in Colorado, California, and Oregon. She spent this last year living at a Zen Monastery where she managed 40 acres of forest, fruit trees, and gardens. She likes to focus on the mindset we have while doing work, and a willingness to engage ourselves wholeheartedly in whatever we are doing.