J2’s Global Focus Coaching provides customized and comprehensive one-on-one support in specific academic content areas (such as math, science, writing, Spanish, test prep, and more) while equipping students with the tools to organize, plan, prioritize, focus, assess, and study effectively.

At Just2 Tutoring, we work with students who have unique needs, whether they are athletes, students with accommodations, gifted and talented, or advanced placement.

We often hear from students who tried conventional tutoring for help with concepts in math or to develop their writing skills, only to realize that they had additional hurdles preventing their academic success. By identifying a student’s challenges with Executive Functioning and making connections to their underlying academic issues, we develop personalized and practical solutions that result in academic mastery, confidence and independence, and long-term success.

J2 students create study schedules and study rituals, which promote content engagement. We foster productivity, accountability, and integrity through consistent contact ensured by scheduled sessions and check-in calls. Regularly scheduled progress meetings or parent phone calls keep everyone informed and allow us to celebrate successes and identify areas for growth.