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Just2 and Love Languages in Learning

What about the interaction between our Love Languages and Learning?

What about the interaction between our Love Languages and Learning?

Love Languages

As of the beginning of 2024, the concept of “Love Languages” has risen hugely in popularity.  Gary Chapman’s self-driven surveys determine how someone wants to spend time or give gifts. However, this is usually relegated to simple relationships and our interactions with each other. What about the interaction between our Love Languages and Learning? Let’s break down each of the five Love Languages and determine the best way to invest our time as educators, encouragers, parents, and friends.


Love Language: You’re Doing Great! 

Words of Affirmation are one of the most popular forms of Love Languages that persist within our society, and they could be used more in a very general sense. For education, however, sometimes all it takes is a little praise for a student to find their footing again. With Words of Affirmation, Just2 tutors can encourage and build up your students, bolstering their confidence for the next math problem. This can be an easy but astoundingly effective way to encourage good study habits.


Love Language: Hey, Would You Like To Play Ball?

Quality time is one of the more simple Love Languages, but it does not diminish the importance of it. Simply spending time with someone is not Quality Time. However, people who have this Love Language know this. It is about a presence; not just being there, but being off your phone and not having distractions. Sometimes all it takes is being there with the student at their level even if the focus is homework or studying and the house is silent. They will know you’re there. This companionship is a great lever when it comes to encouraging good study habits, and the rapport we at Just2 build with students shines through by simply sitting with them in their moment


Love Language: Want A Hug?

Physical Touch can be a tricky Love Language to appeal to in the classroom with your student. Unless kept in regular check, this can be a Love Language that builds quickly, especially when sitting alone doing homework. To encourage a student with this Love Language, a simple fist bump here or there or a hand on the shoulder helps them stay focused, but people with this Love Language tend to exhibit excess energy, so frequent but firmly bound breaks are a great way to blow off energy, especially if you can play tag or basketball. 


Love Language: Here, Buddy, I Got You A Glass Of Lemonade

People with the Love Language of Acts of Service thrive when they can do things for other people and also have things done for them. This is a Love Language of gestures, so simply picking your student’s fallen pencil off the floor for them could be hugely energizing for them. In the context of learning, there is no trade happening (in that homework is going to be completed), so these acts should not relieve chores or other responsibilities, but simply let them know you notice them and what they may be needing at that moment.


Love Language: Here’s An Extra Cookie I Got You From The Store!

Everyone’s Love Language on their birthday, Receiving Gifts is a materialistic Love Language that can be easily leveraged in terms of learning. If a tangible gift is on the line, the student may be more motivated to complete tasks to earn that goal. This can be a viable strategy for individuals throughout life, as well. For every report they file in their future job, they can have another cookie, so to speak. Learning to work toward a goal is a great lesson. It means that much more to individuals with Receiving Gifts as their Love Language. At Just2, we recognize that a token economy may not fit the bill every time. If implemented correctly, we can see some amazing results from these students whom we are teaching how to motivate themselves best.

All In All

At Just2 Tutoring, we engage in Love Languages during this season. We identify what motivates students. We believe the more one knows about themselves, the more successful they will be. Love Languages inform our coaching in creating incentives. Incentives inspire motivation and improve course performance. If you are seeking a more comprehensive tutoring or coaching experience, contact Just2 today!

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