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When working with students, it is important to identify and understand the source of their motivation. Once we know how to motivate your student, we can work together to create a roadmap for success. There are many different sources of motivation, but there are two main types we will focus on: intrinsic and extrinsic. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to understand which one your student falls into. By understanding the source of their motivation, educators and parents can help students reach their full potential.

The Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Student Motivations

As an example, a student who struggles intrinsically usually needs help understanding academic expectations, how to manage stress, and keep themselves calm in difficult situations. At Just2, our coaches and students work together to identify common stress responses and develop strategies to better manage day-to-day stresses. They work to structure their schedule to support productivity and self-care in a well-balanced way. These commonly high-performing students can explain and carry out a study plan aimed to reduce stress and enjoy their time and see the added benefit after a few sessions.

For students that are motivated by things outside of themselves i.e. hanging with friends, playing sports, or being successful in learning life skills, we work to incentivize their performance. These are students whose maturity is emerging and rely on the expectations of parents and teachers to understand how to succeed. Just2 works with these students in creating a schedule while learning study strategies that effectively lead them to the free time they want and the goals they’re looking to achieve.

Five Steps to Motivate Your Student

   1. Consistent Coach Contact creates Positive Student Rapport

Our management and coaches stay in consistent contact with students and parents in order to create a relationship built toward success. They do this by sending feedback through text messages, phone calls, online meetings, and meetings in person.

   2. Positive Rapport Creates Trust and Accountability

Our coaches pride themselves on being an advocate for your students’ education and show that with their actions. The more a student sees how Just2 coaches help them, the more they trust and believe in their own ability. They become more communicative, seeking out the best ways to solve their own problems.

   3. Accountability creates Productivity and Confidence

When a student sees the benefit of having help remaining accountable, they start to see assignments being handed in, grades improving, and their parents less worried about school. They start to believe in themselves, and the unique way they work to succeed.

   4. Confidence Increases Student Success

As students start to see the strategies and skills they’ve learned grow, they begin exceeding their capabilities because they believe in their own abilities. They become more curious and willing to explore outside their comfort zone to understand what successes they want to achieve.

   5. Success Creates Motivation

And as those successes grow, our students become more motivated to learn and explore new concepts. They become motivated by the process of learning and succeeding in the toughest of subjects. Even if they fail, they walk away with new knowledge and strategies to improve for next time. 

At Just2, We Motivate Your Student

One of our main goals at Just2 Tutoring is to help your students understand their motivations to point them toward success. Our coaches and educators help them create the environment that is built for them to succeed and thrive. With these tips and the support of Just2 Tutoring, we can help your child understand their personal way of succeeding. Contact us today to make the change in helping motivate your student.

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