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Just2 Tutoring Spring Break Preparation

Maybe you’re a kid who’s counting down the days to Spring Break when you’ll be hitting the beach in Mexico. Maybe you’re a parent who forgot that Spring Break is just a few weeks away (!!!).  Or maybe you’re a student eagerly awaiting a full week off from school when you can zone out in front of the TV.

Even if a beach vacation isn’t part of your plans, Spring Break presents opportunities for both parents and students. We’ve seen countless students use this time to achieve clarity, recharge, and prepare to finish the school year with academic success.

By this point in the semester, many students have assignments that are past due. We often see students who are struggling to understand concepts. They might be feeling embarrassed that they didn’t ask their teacher for help earlier. Some students are so overwhelmed that they think there’s no way to recover, and this is a very daunting feeling.

Simple but effective strategies for making the most of Spring Break

  1. Schedule a tutoring session with J2 the week before Spring Break. Get out from under the pile so you can actually enjoy your week off in the Boulder area! By planning ahead and meeting with a coach prior to your break, you’ll ensure you have access to all the books and assignments you need. Tackle that missing work, begin to understand the concepts that felt mind-boggling in class, and get organized. You’ll come back refreshed, with the energy to keep the momentum going and get your set up for academic success. 
  2. Think about the activities and people that make you feel recharged and happy. Do you feel energized after you go snowboarding? Does it feel relaxing to read a favorite book in a quiet space? Do you wish you had more free time during the week to check out something new with a friend? While it might sound nice to spend a week completely free of structure, you’ll probably be disappointed if you end up dedicating this cherished break to binges on SnapChat. While it might be cool to come back with that Caribbean tan, an injury to your thumb from gaming all week just doesn’t sound so impressive. Check out this or this for things to do with some of your favorite people. Start making plans now by taking an inventory of who will be in town, and then scope out your favorite activities.
  3. Make a plan to stay organized following Spring Break. A great place to start is by reviewing your teachers’ websites for expectations and checking for any new information about upcoming assignments or activities. Enter any dates in your planner or set alerts on a calendar on your computer so that you don’t overlook deadlines. (This also helps to avoid missing out on great field trips that require a permission form and payment!) Students always tell us they feel less overwhelmed when they return from Spring Break with a clean backpack and a clean locker, so start sorting through things now. Organize your digital docs and apps, whether that’s your Google Drive or useless apps on your phone.  If this feels daunting, connect with J2 Tutoring so we can help make it manageable. We make academic success possible.

The big question is: What does my countdown to the end of the semester look like, both inside and outside of school? Following these steps can help you move on to a more satisfying question: What am I looking forward to enjoying this summer?

So what’s the plan?

J2’s expert coaches can help you get the grade you want.

If you’re a NEW J2 student, you can take advantage of our FREE Academic Rescue Workshop on Sunday, March 19, 12-2 pm (registration required by Thursday, March 16). We’ll be working with students on how to get organized with their assignments, backpack, and more; how to communicate with their teachers to resolve missing assignments; and most importantly, each student will develop a personalized step-by-step plan towards academic success. Get more information on Facebook and REGISTER NOW.

If you’re a CURRENT J2 student who needs help getting out from under that pile of assignments and gaining clarity about what’s ahead, contact us to schedule a session: Email or call 720-273-6566.

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