Camila Tedder

Camila holds a Bachelor’s in Comparative World Literature, emphasizing Literature of the Americas, and an Associate Degree in English. She also earned a Bachelor’s in Journalism back [...]

Sarah Eck

Sarah is a Special Education teacher who just left the classroom. She taught for 7 years, grades 2-9 in Denver public schools and Aurora public schools. She has been trained in Lindamood-Bell [...]

Stephen Solis

Stephen Solis is in his 15th year as a high school Special Education teacher.  Over those years he has taken a life coach approach to helping students achieve academic success and have a [...]

Andrea Arguello

Andrea Arguello is a passionate and experienced language teacher. As a native Spanish speaker who grew up in Nicaragua and is fluent in English, Andrea has a unique understanding of the [...]

Grace Choe

Grace Choe is an academic coach with 6 years of experience teaching in elementary education. She particularly enjoys tutoring math of all levels. She studied Psychology at the University of Notre [...]

Jacob Kartiganer

Jacob graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Master of Arts in English Literature, focusing on Cultural Escapism. He grew up in New York City, but recently decided to move to Colorado. [...]

Brianna Bane

Brianna graduated from CSU: Fresno State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies. She moved to the Phoenix, AZ area to teach 6th and 7th grade at a local charter [...]

Foster Greer

Attending Casey Middle School, and Boulder High School, and now a senior at the University of Colorado. Foster Greer is a coach who is well versed in our local school systems. He is currently [...]


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