Nicky Antonellis

My name is Nicky Antonellis and I have been tutoring and guiding students ages 8 to 22 for the past 7 years. I have tutored at summer camps, with the Wesleyan University physics department, with [...]

Jacob Wolhandler

Jacob Wolhandler is a filmmaker and writer who was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, and is currently attending The New School in New York City (on hiatus due to COVID). He is an avid writer, [...]

Heidi Cuppari

Heidi Cuppari is a leader in social impact investing, youth-centered-design, and women’s leadership. She served as a wealth manager at UBS for high-net-worth and ultra-high-networth impact [...]

Joschua Beres

Joschua Beres is currently working on his Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies at The University of Colorado. He served as a Russian and French linguist in the US Air Force, US Army and Texas Army [...]

Regina Stewart

Regina originally hails from Philadelphia, PA and moved to Colorado in 1997 to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder. She earned her degree in Architectural Engineering in 2002 and worked as [...]

Janell Kamm

Janell is an avid lifelong learner who invites all who need support and guidance to reach out.  Kind and full of empathy for the aspiring expert, Janell has a history of studying dance, special [...]

Robbie Pelletier

Robbie Pelletier is a Connecticut native, currently living in Boulder and studying Psychology at the University of Colorado. He has previously worked as an outdoor education summer camp counselor [...]

Greg Kondor

Greg received a Bachelor of Science degree from CU Boulder in Aerospace Engineering in 2018. This degree exposed him to high-level mathematics and physical sciences i.e. physics, dynamics, and [...]