Summer Learning Loss

Ahhh, spring! The snow has melted, birds are singing and flowers are blooming. But this time of year can be stressful for students and their parents. Many parents are reporting that they detect a [...]

Bradley Fain

Bradley believes that most people can enjoy math if given the opportunity to connect with the material and topics. He completed his Bachelor’s in Mathematics at Auburn University and his [...]

Laurel Payzant

I value my experiences in education as a lifelong learner and love that I can continue to grow alongside my students. I excel in human connections and fostering a compassionate environment; I [...]

Austin Gallant

Growing up in Maine, Austin has always had an appreciation for nature. Stemming from this appreciation was a fascination with all science subjects in school. Austin graduated with a B.S. in [...]

Joseph Lawlor

Joseph Lawlor is a mathematics coach who has his Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. He teaches elementary, middle and high school students in all subjects of math. In addition [...]

Madison Martinez

Madison received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Colorado State University and completed her Masters in Chemistry and Materials Science at the University of Colorado – Boulder. [...]