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J2:Direct Content Instruction

Just 2 Tutoring provides students with clarity and content mastery as a direct result of one-to-one, individualized, multi-sensory, academic content instruction. We offer a variety of direct, content area instruction, remediation and acceleration and references are available for content areas outside our expertise.

Just2 Tutoring provides effective direct instruction to students ranging from grade 2 through university level. J2 increases clarity, test performance and grades and provides master teaching in the areas of:

Just2 Tutoring Writing Instruction

Writing: Pre-writing, Thesis Development, Editing and Drafting, Note Taking & Handwriting

Whether creative or persuasive, through the engagement of writing development, students often find the mastery of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure much more relevant and attainable.

Just2 Tutoring Reading Instruction

Reading: Emergent Readers, Learning to Reading, Reading to Learning & Critical Reading and Thinking Skills

Whether learning to read or reading to learn, J2 provides reading instruction that meets the unique needs of each student. We conference with teachers to collect baseline data and make use of this information to team up with students in designing a reading program that creates growth.

Just2 Tutoring Math Instruction

Mathematics: Basic Operations, Pre-Algebra,  Algebra I,  Algebra II & Geometry

Whether mastering number facts and movements through basic algorithms, transitioning to middle or high school math or mastering IB or Advanced Algebra or Geometry coursework, J2 has the expertise and mastery to transfer the understanding of math concepts in a way that serves the individual learning style of any student.

Just2 Tutoring has the proper content instruction for the unique and acceleration needs of students.

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