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Just2 Tutoring has been serving the unique needs of students for nearly twenty years.

Many of the students we have met are exceptional in some way.

Many of these students are high performing athletes.

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Regardless of the level of your child’s athletic commitment, the practices, games, meets and matches can wear any student’s study hours thin, not to mention their energy levels. Student athletes require a strong sense of self regulation to maintain proper levels of Organization, Time Management & Study Skills. These student-athletes often require content review and communication coaching following an excused absence.

J2 students learn to self-initiate the scheduling, preparation and completion of missed assignments and assessments. – Mike Manning

Student responsibilities can be difficult to manage whether JV or varsity; yet some student athletes are team captains and/ or competing at the regional or national level. For any of these students, their commitment to athletics and their team can rival if not, seasonally, usurp their academic commitments. Yet, the semester unfolds and these students must compete both on the field and on paper.

Maintaining Eligibility

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Occasionally, athletic eligibility becomes an obstacle for student athletes. In these cases, players are ineligible to either practice or play due to their current academic performance. In many cases, players are welcome back to the field as soon as they can provide evidence of meeting their school’s academic expectations. Just2 Tutoring provides these students with content review and global focus coaching that meets their needs wherever they may be.

Student-Athletes are Frequently Required to Travel

We maintain consistent contact with our student athletes whether they are attending a regional tournament or on a national tour through accountability calls and in-person or online meetings throughout the week. J2 understands the need for flexibility to meet the training demands and shifting time-zones of a traveling student-athlete.

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