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Just2 Tutoring: Getting Students Ready for Middle School and High School

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Change is the one thing you can count on and when our kids make the leap from elementary or middle school, it can be turbulent for everyone. Just2 Tutoring understands middle and high school from both side of the table, can answer kids’ questions, and help students understand what it takes to up-level their academic game in a new setting.

This Summer, students will have the chance to ensure their success and improve their transition to the upcoming semester in a choice of two ways: One to One Private Global Focus Coaching or Transition Workshops with Peer Groups.

In light of their upcoming course load, students receive insider tips on study skills, organization and time management tools and skills. They’ll hear what older students have to say about what worked and what they did that made it work for them.

J2 students assess their academic strengths and weakness, identify what has worked well in the past and determine their optimal learning style. They discuss emerging independence in the upcoming year effective communication with parents and teachers. J2 students discuss social aspects of the upcoming year and talk about friends, frenemies and bullies.
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Together, we review school websites, maps and personnel. J2 students calculate time and distance from home and begin to visualize and plan the early weeks of the Fall semester. They compile their required materials and arrange their binders and backpacks and home filing systems.

Students report that they feel confident, prepared and relaxed about their new year in a new school after enrolling in the J2 School Transition program.

“Mike & the J2 team helped me plan for things I would have never even thought of.” Kyleen, Fairview High Student

Taking the time to think and talk about what comes next for a student in transition is an effective way to create success. Contact Just2 Tutoring to schedule private coaching or group workshop enrollment.

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