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When I was a kid,

each Summer day,

Mom would leave me a list of chores

which always included at least one page

of a math workbook.

Many days it didn’t get done

before she got home from work.

It was a struggle for me to make myself sit down and do the work.

When I succeeded in opening the book,

I was unsure whether or not my work was correct.

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Maybe you have similar intentions for your kids.

Maybe they are on board, maybe not.

You might have tried it last Summer with varied success.


I spoke with a few parents recently

who hold similar expectations for their children.

But, they report that  it is often a regimen that sustains

only a few days, rather than the span of the eleven-week break.


Research shows that all young people experience learning losses

when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer.

Most students lose about two months of grade-level equivalency

in mathematical computation skills over the summer months. (Cooper, 1996)

Regarding academics over break,

“one hour a day over the Summer is not too much to ask”,

one dad said to me.

But it can be a battle to get kids to stick with their commitment

with late nights, sleep-overs, Summer jobs, camps, and family vacations.

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Some students have larger commitments to Summer school or online courses.

While the break provides certain randomness of daily schedules for kids, it generally does not for their parents.

The responsibility for study, assignments and course completion – you may find – is more than your child can take on. Maybe you would argue that the idea of enrichment, acceleration or credit recovery may result in battles at home.

The solution is time management & focus coaching with an experienced educator and mentor.

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Whether your child needs to maintain, accelerate or remediate their skills, get them connected to someone who will guide them to completion with me at Just2 Tutoring.


At Just2 Tutoring, we meet with students every day in support of their

Summer academic commitments and coursework,

preparing for the upcoming semester

and practice for the SAT or ACT Preparation and college placement examinations.

You are reading this right now because it speaks to you and your child’s needs.

Help your child get ahead. Contact J2 today.

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