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Most students and parents dread the idea of staying in contact with teachers. In most cases, the student is worried about getting in trouble and the parent is worried about their child’s grades. However, staying in consistent contact with your teachers can be an excellent opportunity for parents to find ways to help students succeed in and outside school. 

At Just2 Tutoring, we follow and recommend these tips to make the most of your time with your child’s teacher and get the information you need to help them excel academically. Our students, with the help of our accountability coaches, learn how to communicate with their teachers and parents about academics positively.

Goal Setting & Transparency

It’s no secret that setting goals and being transparent about those goals is important for teachers, students, and teachers. When everyone is on the same page about what needs to be accomplished, it’s easier to stay focused and avoid distractions. 

Having achievable goals also helps to motivate and encourage both teachers and students to keep working hard. 

Additionally, goal setting can help to foster a sense of community and cooperation in the classroom. When students see that their teacher is committed to helping them reach their goals, it builds trust and creates a positive learning environment. 

Note: Include all of those important people in your life whenever you communicate with teachers. Use the cc option to include parents, coaches, and teachers. 

More participants increase the likelihood of a prompt and appropriate response. In the event that a teacher is non-responsive to a student’s effort to self-advocate, add the counselor and VP as necessary’

Connect Early While the Field is Level

Relationships can occur in stressful, needy situations but the best rapport is created when the field is level.

Instead of contacting a teacher when stress is high, or something is needed, talk to them early about expectations and goals. When the field is level, everyone is more open to communicating and getting on the same page. 

Furthermore, students who take the time to introduce themselves at the beginning of a new course have an easier time going to their teachers when it matters the most – especially if they’ve followed step one.

Note: Most teachers offer office hours as well as TAP (Teacher Access Period)or CAT (Classroom Assessment Techniques) time each week. Our Just2 students email teachers prior to office hours to set the intention for the visit and, in most cases, expedite the process to create more free time.

Clarify & Verify

When it comes to communicating with your teachers, email can be a valuable tool. It allows you to clarify and verify information, and to keep a record of your communications.

Email also gives you the opportunity to thoughtfully consider your words, which can help to avoid misunderstandings. 

Furthermore, by sending regular emails to your teachers, you can build strong relationships and create a positive learning environment. 

Note: Another good communication tip is to communicate within 48 hours. Our students, with the help of our coaches, respond to all communications in under 48 hours. If you attempt communication and do not receive a response within 48, send a brief follow-up message. 

Why Just2 Stays in Contact

Our young students tend to struggle in seeing the value in connections with teachers and mentors at the start. When we allow students to have more casual and consistent connections they feel more heard and supported. No matter what unexpected circumstances present themselves, students will feel willing to share their struggle and be supported. 

That’s why Just2 believes in using these tips and strategies to create the environment your student can succeed in. To learn more about our services, contact us for a consultation so we can help your student stay in contact with their teachers and you.

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