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Just2 Tutoring Week 3

Identify Time Leaks & Primary Distractions

“Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin into the future…” -Miller

As a follow up to our what works? theme from last week and in support of the goals our students have set for the semester it is time for students to make specific time management commitments. While some students may be reluctant, most students are able to name that which breaks their flow and focus within their commitments to study and homework completion.

I have provided a link to a survey to guide your discussion with your students.


Phone usage: Organizational Tool or Primary Distraction

When I speak with kids about their phone usage and navigating the regulations of the school and parent policies, I have the opportunity to strengthen my alliance with him/her. We discuss the discomfort of having a parent of teacher confiscate their devices as a punitive effort to elicit compliance of some sort. As Just2 Tutoring coaches, we offer a way to ensure that they get to keep their phone in their possession. We make use of our Executive Functions support time to ensure that our students’ phones are equipped with school portal applications such as Infinite Campus and Schoology. Additionally, we coach our students to download and synch time management and study strategy applications like Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Quizlet and Math XL.

It is important that kids respond to parent texts and calls as actively as they might in correspond with friends. We coach our J2 students to demonstrate the proper use of their phones in regard to content and timing. Parents want to see that students can demonstrate restraint regarding their screen engagement both in conversation and during study or homework times. We make use of a homework calendar to publish and share the student’s intended time that s/he has set aside for homework and study. This can minimize the discussion and nagging that can be attached to student activation.

Time Management Tools

In an effort to increase independence and reduce nagging, students often benefit from the use of non-subjective time management devices and applications. We have seen a great deal of success for students who use timers to regulate their time both on and off task. For many of us, it will serve best to make use of a timing device (same goes for calculator) that is exclusive from the smartphone. Here is a good choice for a study timer or any kitchen style timer can work. As more and more apps become available for our phone, we now have apps that manage apps. This can be a helpful way for a student to self-monitor and even provide evidence of their phone usage. There are many choices and some are better for younger kids while others are designed to serve professionals.

Some Primary Distractions are Internal

While technology and chatting with friends is an easy target for identifying time leaks and primary distractions, many of our Just2 Tutoring students struggle with anxiety. In some cases, our kids deal with a need to unplug from their day after three o’clock. Some students report that they need to nap, or just lay on the floor to diffuse; others might escape into a book or video game. Some of our students are simply distracted by their own thoughts or concerns whether these thoughts are generated by academic, home or social pressures. In these cases, it is important that we guide our students to seek our consultation and or the consultation of another caring and qualified adult.

Just2 Tutoring Leads with the Benefits to Students

As I alluded earlier, we have a chance in our work with kids to create a bond of trust and support. We maintain a professional posture while creating an atmosphere of collaboration. When my Uber drivers ask me what I do for work, my reply is, “I help kids get what they want.” When our students can accept our suggestions for most effective time management as a collaborative effort to guide them toward what they want, we can celebrate their buy-in and the positive results that follow. All kids want to be successful in school and for many, the key to that success is the proper use of their time outside of school. Thanks for your commitment to your students’ successes and please leave any comments and elaborations in the comment box below the video. I look forward to speaking with you later this week.




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