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Just2 Tutoring Week 4

Extinguishing Old Patterns & Evidence of Organization and Time Management

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Our theme from last week covered the uncovering of primary distractions and time leaks for J2 students. The survey provided is an exercise in this identification and closes with a student call to action. If you were unable to fit this in last week, consider making time this week for this discussion.

Now that we have identified our distractions, what are we willing to do to extinguish those and enjoy the benefits of sustained focus and increased productivity. Let’s briefly identify some of these benefits because what all want to know, “What’s in it for me?”. Making tangible efforts to minimize distractions will:

  • Minimize missing assignments
  • Increase test performance
  • Increase Grade Point Averages

While I believe that all students want the success described above, most kids would rather discuss the benefits of:

  • Decreased Parental Nagging
  • Increased Parental Trust and Privileges
  • Increased Free Time

As Just2 Tutoring coaches, we light the way for students to be able to see themselves as effective, time-efficient students. Many students spend double the quantity of time required for effective study and homework as a result of time leaks. These same students complain of too much work and not enough time with friends.

The Closest to Us are the Last to Notice

The big picture here is that as students increase their own academic integrity they develop methods of self-regulation, they experience internal motivation rather than external coercion. This does not happen overnight and there can be a loss of traction along the way. On top of all of that, humans tend to focus on the negatives and often overlook progress. Much like my wife might be the last person to notice I’ve shed a few pounds, parents are often quick to react when they see a missing assignment notice even there has been a remarkable improvement in this area.

Just2 Tutoring Students Provide Evidence


As we prepare for our first progress meetings of the semester, it is time to collect evidence of effort and achievement toward goals and strategies. Evidence can be in the form of teacher feedback, graded assessments, screenshots, emails and photos. Evidence takes great discussions about success into real practice. It allows a student to provide their parents with proof that their investment in the development of time management, organization and study skills has great and long lasting value. Parents are proud of their children and kids earn respect and trust from their parents. This is real motivation: a positive connection with mom and dad at a time in their lives when kids are historically most volatile.

So, let’s take time each week to collect evidence of the good work we are all doing and let the up-leveling begin!


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