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As we head into each new quarter, things seem to fall into place. The first half is always smooth. Grades are refreshed, students don’t have as much to worry about, and there is no indicator of any student struggle. 

Your child might continually say, “my grades are fine,” and you have no reason not to believe them. There have been no red flags. But you’ve been here before. Almost every term, often toward the middle, something pops up. A grade is missing, your child avoids a class, and assignments pile up. 

At Just2 we recommend getting ahead of the term by paying attention to these early signs of struggle. We understand the pattern that follows this period of time when all seems fine.  To help combat this, here is a list of struggles to pay attention to in your child.

Indicators of Student Struggle

  • Early quiz grades have low scores
  • Already seeing missing assignments
  • Withdrawal/Isolation from school discussions
  • Early remarks of worry from teachers
  • Unregulated time management
  • Constant arguments 
  • Avoiding work or making excuses 
  • Sleep schedule is all over the place

The Achievement Method Equation 

If any of these common signs of struggle are appearing we recommend a number of achievement methods in order to find the best way for your child to succeed. As you review the table, think of our process working like this: Indicators of Struggle→Achievement Method→Indicators of Success

Indicators of Early Struggle

J2 Achievement Method

Indicators of Positive Success

Early Quiz Grades Have Low Scores
Identify Effective Study Strategies
Higher Quiz Grades
Already Missing Assignments
Maintain And Use Organization And Time Management Tools
Student Portal Indicates No Missing Or Late Submissions
Withdrawal/Isolation From School Discussions
Weekly Check-In And Reporting By Coaches
Transparency And Guided Discussions About School
Early Teacher Concerns
Consistent Communication As Required
Teacher Acknowledgement
Constant Arguments When It Comes To School
Weekly Check-Ins And Talking Points To Improve Discussions
Having An Open-Dialogue And A Mediator
Avoiding Work Or Making Excuses
Accountability Coaching And Organizing Schedules
Understanding Time Management And Being Direct
Unregulated Time Usage
Scheduling Time For Fun And Work
Organized Work Schedule
Dysregulated Sleep Schedule
Creating A Routine For Healthy Sleep
Regular Sleep Schedule

 Just2 Solves The Student Struggle

If your child is experiencing  any of the student struggles we have detailed above, you are not alone. At Just2, we work with you and your child to create a formula for success. At Just2, we develop relationships between teachers, students, and parents to change struggle into success. 

Our comprehensive achievement methods give students the freedom they want while parents get the relief they need. We know each student is unique, so we offer many different strategies and pair your child with their own personal Just2 Coach.

To talk with us about your experience, get in contact with us today! Your initial consultation will start your student’s journey to a successful semester.

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