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Time management skills are essential for students to stay organized, focused and productive. That’s why we dedicate a whole week to understanding them at Just2 tutoring! With proper guidance and support, students can learn to identify their distractions, manage their habits, and improve their learning outcomes. Our theme from last week involved discovering primary distractions and time leaks for J2 students. Here is the survey that we used to identify and discover how to handle distractions in order to improve them.

When identifying time leaks, we look into the student’s daily routines and evaluate the amount of time they spend on activities such as social media or gaming. Doing this helps the student understand where their energy drains away. Next, we focus on making small changes to extinguish distractions and enjoy better focus. Making these small incremental changes can also help avoid feeling overwhelmed by big tasks for students while still developing better study habits.

Changing Study Habits Takes Time

Academic integrity has a direct effect on students’ ability to self-regulate and find internal motivation, but it takes time. Often, parents are quick to react when an issue arises rather than giving their child a chance to progress. Just2 coaches help foster student growth by being supportive and holding them accountable while updating parents regularly with bi-weekly emails – something that’s essential in any long-term educational journey! As students improve, parents become more relaxed, knowing their child is in good hands and that they will know of any important updates from their coach.

What Changes Our Students Love

Over the course of the semester, our students enjoy the changes they start to see in their schedule. Here is a list of a few they enjoy the most!

  • Minimized Missing Assignments
  • Increased Test Performance
  • Increased Grade Point Averages
  • Decreased Parental Nagging
  • Increased Parental Trust and Privileges
  • Increased Free Time

What Does J2 Do Differently?

Right now, at J2, we are preparing for our first progress meetings with parents for the semester. During this time, our coaches help their students gather evidence of their effort and achievement. Evidence can be in the form of teacher feedback, graded assessments, screenshots, emails, and photos. This gives a student the opportunity to provide their parents with proof that their time management, organization, and study skills are improving while allowing parents to be proud and breathe a sigh of relief that their child is putting in the work. This is our real motivation – a positive connection with mom and dad.

Just2 Extinguishes Distractions.

Just2 Tutoring coaches provide a unique opportunity for students to develop better study habits through working on effective time management skills. Our experienced tutors guide each student through the process of identifying distractions and creating new patterns for success – resulting in greater efficiency in completing assignments with more confidence overall! Contact us today so you and your young person can make a change to their distractions today.

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