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Just2 is an organization that truly goes above and beyond when caring for students. We provide a comprehensive suite of resources that ensure our students have the best possible support and guidance to reach their full potential. Through our many years of experience, we’ve discovered that although beneficial, most other services offered to students don’t always communicate with one another.  This can make it difficult for students to benefit from the services available, which is why we aim to bridge the service gap.

This is why our Just2 and OniT programs have an adaptive and customizable approach that helps link services to services offered to our students. Our coaches and educational leaders are more than happy to provide assistance and guidance to ensure that all of a student’s tools and services are accessible and working together.

How Just2 Connects The Dots For Your Young Person

Just2 works hard to create a strong network between students and teachers/administrators. We strive to make sure all parties feel comfortable discussing school-related activities and topics that may be difficult for the student to consult with their peers or parents. We also provide support by helping them navigate any external services they may need, such as therapy, transportation assistance, test preparation help, and more. 

Our coaches also go out of their way when it comes to helping our students succeed. From getting prescriptions filled out to working on mental health issues, our coaches are always there for our students when needed. They’re also great at keeping meetings organized. That way, everyone stays on top of things while creating a safe space for conversations regarding complex topics they may not like discussing elsewhere. 

Examples of Just2 Coaches Going the Extra Mile

  1. Within the guidelines of HIPAA/FERPA protections, Just2 and ONiT coaches collaborate with teachers, professors, advisors, counselors, clinicians, and therapists to offer advocacy and mediation services to students and parents.
  2. They provide templates and guidance for requesting educational accommodations and working with teachers to communicate with the administration.
  3. Our coaches have assisted in resolving roommate conflicts and helping students attend meetings, appointments, and staffing with students.
  4. Our coaches incorporate reports and evaluations from educational data collected to support appropriate student accommodations.
  5. Coaches help students establish internships, mentorships, and part-time jobs and monitor their healthy habits and choices, including sleep, nutrition, fitness, medication, and attendance.
  6. Our coaches are experienced in helping in emotional crises, have provided emergency transportation, and accompany students to the hospital.
  7. Our coaches have offered guidance and expertise in accessing government services and transitional programs

Just2 Makes Academic Tools and Services Accessible

Just2 and ONiT coaches ensure students are equipped with the right tools to succeed in school and beyond. Our curriculum focuses heavily on teaching young adults how to use their resources well and how best to communicate between services such as therapy sessions, teachers/administrators, etc. That way, everything runs smoothly when dealing with difficult situations such as bullying or low academic performance. 

Bridge The Service Gap at Just2 Tutoring

At Just2, we take pride in going above and beyond for our students – from providing comprehensive support systems to helping them navigate all of their resources – our goal is always focused on making sure each student reaches their full potential no matter the circumstances. That’s why we’re so dedicated to bridge the service gap so many students experience.

Contact us today so we can bridge the service gap for your young person.

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