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As universities and colleges adjust to the new normal brought about by the pandemic, many students are finding themselves struggling to stay on top of their studies. This is especially true for neurodiverse students who often need extra support to develop key executive function skills that will serve them throughout their academic careers. That’s why we’ve developed ONiT Accountability ; a college accountability service specifically designed with neurodiverse students in mind. Our mission is to provide personalized, coaching that not only helps students stay on track with their courses but also builds essential skills such as time management, goal setting, and self-advocacy. 

ONiT Accountability Services

At ONiT, we offer three different streams of service: asynchronous, group, and individual. For the group stream, we provide a safe space where our coaches lead almost daily conversations about topics related to study strategies, effective communication with professors and peers, and general personal growth. These sessions are designed to ensure each student’s needs are catered for and to create an environment where everyone can share their experiences while also learning from one another. 

Our Coaches are ONiT

At ONiT, we strive to help our students develop tools and strategies that will set them up for success in the future. We believe that positive habits are essential in creating a well-rounded student experience, which is why our coaches provide personalized guidance tailored to each of their student’s needs.

Our mission is to ensure that all of our students receive support throughout their educational journey, which is why we maintain daily contact through regular check-ins. We aim to clear the path towards obtaining a degree by comprehending what each student needs assistance with in order to reach their end goal of graduation. At ONiT, our coaches are dedicated to using the best practices available to help any student succeed. Here is a list of a few below.

ONiT Best Practices

  • Set clear, achievable goals for students so that they can stay on track with their studies and work toward achieving their degree. 
  • Find the most effective way of studying and organizing a student’s classes, so that they can maximize their time while minimizing distractions.  
  • Organize key class syllabi information into one document to understand expectations
  • Build connections between all aspects of studying: classes, peers, mentors, professors 

Our ONiT Student Reviews

With the help of ONiT Accountability Coaching we have seen many college students transform their struggles into strengths through these practices. Here are a few testimonials from them.

“Having an accountability coach has helped me improve not only in college but being a better hardworking person in the real world. Their main focus is to help you succeed with your academics but I see it in the bigger picture. Having an accountability coach has helped me drastically, I now have a filled out calendar planning my whole week. Not only do I have all of my assignments early but they are done with 110% effort. If I looked at myself from before then to now, I would not be as successful as I am now. I really do think everyone should have a little ONiT in their life.” – Jamo College Sophomore (East Coast College)

“As a college student, having an accountability coach is important for keeping organized. Since I have had an accountability coach I have had a lot more time to think about my classes and it has really lifted a lot of the weight off my shoulders.” – Luke College (East Coast College)

ONiT Accountability and Just2 Tutoring

At ONiT and Just2 Tutoring, we know that every student is different. That’s why our new accountability coaching services are designed with each individual in mind. Our coaches adhere to the best studying practices and guide students toward their best way of learning and staying on top of life. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our services and what we can do for your students, click here to download our free e-book and contact us here for a consultation. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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