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We at Just2 openly state that health is academic wealth for kids, and when a child falls sick it can be challenging to maintain the momentum of their studies. Illness can sap energy away from students and make it difficult to focus on learning. This is why parents should encourage the importance of health, both mental and physical, in order that academic success may continue. 

Why Health is Academic Wealth

We recommend and coach parents to model appropriate behavior with regard to illness and rest – encouraging their young person to take care of themselves when they are sick and use the time to recover. We do not want them to overdo things – if they are still feeling unwell after having rested then they should visit their doctor or consult a health professional.

It’s essential to teach our children how to look after themselves when they fall ill. That way, when a family member or friend gets sick they’ll know what to do.  Showing empathy towards those in need teaches important social skills which have long-term benefits, as well as teaching them how to look after themselves when ill. 

Best Empathetic Practices When Looking After A Sick Child

  1. Listen to their needs: Have regular check-ins to ask how your young person is feeling and what they might need to feel better. 
  2. Help them keep track of their routine: Students who are sick tend to struggle with remembering what to do. Make sure to ask questions about what they need for school to succeed.
  3. Have healthy meals and snacks: Healthy foods and snacks improve overall health and help boost the immune system. Stock up on foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, and protein. 
  4. Encouraging rest: Although we want to stay on top of missed assignments, students should be encouraged to rest by taking a nap, reading a book, or watching a movie.

Mental Health is Also Academic Wealth

Just2 believes mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to academic excellence. We want your young person to understand how to work with their emotions. That’s why we recommend mental health breaks. It allows students a break from their everyday responsibilities and gives them to recharge. Taking a mental health day can help reset emotions and clear minds, allowing students to return to school feeling refreshed and ready to learn. 

The Importance of Mental Health Days 

Mental health days are crucial for young people dealing with issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It allows them to step away from their daily routines and commitments to get some much-needed rest or practice self-care activities that will help benefit their mental well-being. We have a responsibility in recognizing when a child may need a mental health day. 

Five Signs Your Young Person Needs a Mental Health Day

  1. Lack of Motivation: Students may feel they need more motivation to do something but would rather sleep all day or rest in bed. They may also feel unmotivated to engage in activities they used to find enjoyable, such as going out with friends, engaging in physical exercise, or completing a task at work. 
  2. Mood Changes: If your young person is experiencing drastic mood swings that may include feelings of sadness, irritability, anger, or hopelessness. They may also be more prone to periods of tearfulness and have difficulty focusing on tasks and conversations.
  3. Physical Symptoms: Physical symptoms can include headaches and stomachaches that are unrelated to any medical condition or illness. These can be a sign of emotional distress. 
  4. Increased Isolation: Your child may start withdrawing from social activities and staying away from friends and family members for extended periods. They may also become less communicative via text messages or phone calls and choose to stay home alone instead of engaging in social activities with others. 
  5. High Academic Stress: An student’s academic performance can suffer from high levels of stress due to unrealistic expectations set by themselves or parents/teachers/professors. They could start having trouble concentrating in class, procrastinating on assignments, and underperforming on tests.

Just2 Is Here For a Healthy and Wealthy Life

With a strong emphasis on health and academic wealth, Just2 Tutoring is the perfect service to provide your child with the support they need to learn and grow. Our dedicated coaches will help them get back on track and excel in their studies while understanding how their health affects their grades. By embracing a healthy lifestyle, students will begin making intelligent decisions that ensure good physical fitness and mental well-being. After all, being well-equipped allows for better focus and improved grades.

Consult us today so we can help your young person understand that health is academic wealth.

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