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Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs out there. At Just2, we work to nourish your relationship with your young person. We understand it can be challenging to know how to handle tough situations when they arise, especially if your child is struggling with an issue or behaving in a way that is causing tension at home or in school. That’s why we recommend using tenacious parenting strategies for working through difficult times and helping your young person develop into a healthy and well-adjusted adult. 

What Does It Mean To Be a Tenacious Parent? 

Tenacious parenting is all about understanding your child’s needs and creating a plan of action together that works for both of you. We base it on the idea that, as parents, we are responsible for providing guidance and support while allowing our children to grow, learn, and make mistakes. To be successful at tenacious parenting it’s essential to keep an open mind, listen carefully, offer help when needed, and give your child space to make their own decisions. 

 8 Techniques To Be a Tenacious Parent

When faced with a challenge, try the following tips to maintain tenacity as a parent:

1. Listen actively – Make sure you understand what your child is trying to say before responding.

2. Ask questions – Don’t assume you know what your child needs.

3. Provide support – Encourage your child without being overbearing.

4. Set boundaries – Respectfully outline expectations while still leaving room for growth.

5. Take breaks – Give yourself time away from the situation if needed.

6. Find common ground – If possible, identify something both parties can agree on.

7. Offer praise – Let your child know when they accomplish something challenging.

8. Let go of perfectionism – Allow some wiggle room when mistakes occur.  

Benefits of Tenacious Parenting 

Being a tenacious parent provides lasting benefits for your young person and youchildren but also for parents. It helps build trust between parent and child by showing that you are invested in their success and care about their individual needs. This type of parenting also helps children build confidence in themselves by allowing them to take ownership of their problems and find solutions independently. Most importantly, it encourages problem-solving skills, serving them well as they grow older. 

Just2 and Parenting Philosophy

Being a parent is a journey that requires an understanding of your young person’s needs and of yourself. At Just2, we understand this journey and are here to help nurture your relationship with your young person so you can both grow together. With our tenacious parenting philosophy and semester success themes, we will guide you along the path through difficult times by providing strategies on how to be compassionate yet firm when it comes to challenging situations. By supporting each other and communicating thoughts and feelings effectively, families can create a healthy system where everyone is respected, understood, and appreciated. Just2 is here to make this happen. Consult us today so we can help make you and your young person more tenacious.

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