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Scheduling and planning are essential for success, especially for students. That’s why our coaches at Just2 guide students into understanding the art of time management. At Just2, we aim to coach students into strategies that work to keep parents informed and aware. While the idea of having a strict schedule can sound overwhelming to most, it is essential to have a plan in place that allows you to stay on top of commitments while keeping track of progress. Creating a plan and developing practical time management skills helps students get the most out of their studies while still having enough time to enjoy other activities.

Starting Small With Time Management 

When building time management strategies, we want to start small and take the time to understand the different processes before diving in headfirst. Students who understand why they need to manage their own time before implementing any techniques into their daily routine have an easier time figuring out what works for them. At Just2, we see that students who learn the process have time to pursue other interests.  

Small Time Management Tips to Get Started

We always start by setting up alarms or calendar notifications, so your young person is reminded when something needs to be done. From there, we get more specific by breaking tasks into smaller chunks or setting more detailed daily reminders. Don’t forget this is just the start of a plan and that it’s okay if things don’t go exactly as expected. We are human, and things occasionally slip through the cracks or need adjusting due to unforeseen circumstances.

Other Expert Coaching Tips:

  • Doing the most challenging task when you feel at your best
  • Setting physical and mental boundaries
  • Eliminating or mitigating distractions
  • Avoiding switch tasking and dual tasking (AKA multitasking)

Finding the Right Tools for Time Management

The next step towards effective time management as a student is understanding what what tools are practical. Each student is different and requires different tools to work well. At Just2, we have a long list of time management tools and exhaust the list to find the ones that work for your young person. 

Here is a list of valuable tools we regularly use:

  • Google Calendar
  • Todoist
  • Pomofocus
  • Power Planner
  • myHomework Student Planner
  • Trello

Just2’s Philosophy on The Art of Time Management

Time management may feel intimidating initially, but creating a plan that works best for the individual can make life easier and help boost productivity as a student. With practice comes progress -start small by organizing your space and setting reminders before moving on to more detailed techniques such as chunking tasks or scheduling breaks throughout the day. 

Most importantly, remember that no one is perfect. Even if something slips through the cracks occasionally, we at Just2 do not let it discourage us from continuing our journey toward helping your young person develop practical time management skills.

Learn more on how we can help your child by booking a consultation with Just2 today.

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