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J2: Reducing Student Stress via a path to Success

Just2 Tutoring Stress Reduction

Frequently, during Just 2 Tutoring initial meetings, we meet students who are dealing with a degree of academic anxiety and stress. While many people are thrust into action to reduce stress, others retreat into a pattern of withdrawal.

Often, semesters can appear to be progressing just fine; when suddenly, grades begin to decline. -Mike Manning

When a student, for whatever reason, begins to disconnect from class content they often feel at a loss for how to get themselves back in step with the class. They feel awkward about approaching the teacher for support and often lack the skills to review past material while remaining up to date.

We meet with these kids daily and provide:

  • Tools
  • Skills to use them
  • Goals
  • Strategies to attain them
  • Evidence to show

Every student wants to be successful…

just2 tutoring thumbs up kid

and success in school through individualized methods of Organization, Time Management & Study Skills can often improve a student’s stress level. Motivation increases as success is achieved. J2 students are trained in methods of communication and self-assigned homework to reinforce the barrier between excellence and mediocrity.

J2: Reducing Test Anxiety

We occasionally meet with students who say, “I’m just not good at taking tests.” While this may be true for a margin of students who feel this way, most of these students are simply not effective in preparing for tests. J2 students follow a Simple Study Plan which includes self assessment. In preparation for any assessment, it is our intention to closely replicate the form and scope of test content to provide the student with a more predictable testing experience. Practice for the test in the same format in which the test will be administered.

We have found that set practice and intention toward success coupled with Meditation for High Performance has been the icing on the cake in releasing students from their test anxieties. -Mike Manning

Reducing Stress by Improving Accountability

Just2 Tutoring Accountability

Most students begin each semester with positive attitude and intention to perform better than the last. However, many of these students lack the self-regulation to maintain the daily commitment to their success plan, if they have a plan at all. Most J2 students choose to schedule and participate in J2 Accountability Calls throughout the week. These calls may be via phone, text or video conferencing and serve as a Satellite to the student’s sessions during the week. This interaction promotes student follow through and academic productivity. It is through consistent contact that students become accountable which causes them to be more productive. Productivity breeds success and success creates motivation for more success.

Academic success relieves academic stress. – Mike Manning

Reducing Parent Stress

Just2 Tutoring Happy Moms

Perhaps the most important and effective stress reduction that Just2 Tutoring offers is the reduction of parental stress.

Many parents say to us shortly after beginning our work,

“Where have you been these past years.”

Some of them may have had my card in their purse for a year; nevertheless, we are always pleased to hear reports that life at home is improving. Imagine how much easier life in the kitchen can be without needing to ask about homework or study plans.

When J2 students begin work with us, they are expected to keep a calendar which can be shared with mom and dad. This allows for communication without conversation and it is a simple way to help parents have the peace of mind that a plan is in place and the execution is being overseen.

Just2 Students participate in regularly scheduled Progress Meetings which promote communication and planning among the student’s parents and tutor(s). Progress meetings are intended to inform parents regarding a student’s development and further strategies for success. But more importantly, it is an opportunity for parents to celebrate the success their child has and is about to attain. At J2, we are committed to promoting Happy Moms by relieving the stress of needing to manage your child’s daily productivity and become an amicable family again.

Just2 Tutoring provides advocacy, consultation and representation in the formal interactions with school such as I.E.P, S.L.P. or 504 planning meetings. Take the stress of not knowing out of the picture and get clear with guidance and real support from J2.

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