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Just2 Tutoring has a well established network of child focused resources. Just ask and we will connect you with the best people we know.

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Frequently, we meet with students and families who have recently had or will have their child evaluated for a learning or focus challenge. Families are often referred to Just2 by clinicians for our ability to cover content instruction, create strategy for mastery and build in accountability through consistent contact.

We work with students to understand the results of their recent or past testing and, most importantly, the recommendations of the doctor. Frequently, evaluation results in an I.E.P. or 504 Planning meeting or staffing. These meetings are intended to determine your child’s eligibility for accommodation or modification services while at school. J2 will see you through the process and assist in bringing the printed words of the clinician to real academic support for your child.

Following, what can be, semesters of struggle, students and their families are often relieved to discover that a real, diagnosed learning challenge is at the root of their academic obstacles. When your child meets with his or her J2 focus coach, they are coached in self-advocacy and effective communication with their teachers and learn to articulate their accommodations or modifications within the classroom. J2 students engage in a practice of organization, time management and study skills.They are trained in the use of intention, practice of study and self-assessment; they utilize goals, tools and skill sets to overcome their challenges in focus, comprehension and retention of content.

Just2 Tutoring

J2 has been a perfect match for many students with unique needs; we have served students who have been geographically separated by divorce or relocation. We have assisted students who are recovering from concussion, illness and families during a personal loss. We interface with doctors, therapists and school personnel to ensure the student’s safe landing as s/he returns to their former school or begins anew.

During these unpredictable changes in a student’s life, J2 Global Focus Coaching and academic support create an environment of consistency in a period of transition. If your family or child is in a temporary or prolonged period of change or healing, their needs are unique.

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