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Just2 Tutoring: Global Focus Coaching

Global Focus Coaching

/ˈɡlōbəlˈfōkəs kōCHiNG/


a personalized, cross-curricular, goal based, study, organization, time management system resulting in academic mastery, accountability and independence.

“Global Focus Coaching creates happy moms, relaxed dads and successful students.”

of or relating to the Just2 Tutoring method by which it serves the unique needs of students.

“Global Focus Coaching builds rapport via daily contact; this rapport leads to accountability. Accountability increases productivity and course performance; quality performance leads to motivation to pursue further successes.”

Global Focus Coaching + Content Instruction = Just2 Tutoring

J2’s objective is to provide individualized, global academic support for the struggling or underachieving student. Over the past two decades, J2’s unique and attentive services have made a significant impact on hundreds of middle, high school, and university level students. Consistent, positive interaction with a certified, educational professional can lift student grades and the academic pressures of parenting. Like the seed that falls on good soil, our student’s positive interaction with an effective mentor is essential to their success. Just2 Tutoring clears the fog and removes excuses through one to one interaction and direct teacher contact.

J2’s Global Focus Approach:  

  • Teach what might have been missed
  • Maintain organization & completion of assignments
  • Accelerate within the course content
  • Improve test performance
  • Facilitate consistent teacher/professor contact


J2: The Global Academic Approach

Through what we call a global academic approach, J2 creates independent & motivated students by providing them with a personalized study, organization and time management system.

We monitor all subject areas as students often struggle with more than one class.

Students are directly coached in methods of goal attainment based upon their quality performance, ability to regulate themselves and communicate with their instructors..

Let J2 show you how scheduling your child with an online tutor will:

  • improve student performance
  • increase student self-responsibility
  • improve parent child relationships
  • reduce conflict at home

Schedule with J2 now to ensure that your child will be paired with a certified teacher.

Tutor & student meet in person or, much like a phone call, in a familiar study space of your child on tablet, lap or desk top. Students meet with the same tutor for two, ninety minute online sessions weekly. During this time, goals, current grades are reviewed. Assignments are clarified, long term projects and essays are arranged in daily steps and study strategies are implemented. Access to online textbooks, teacher websites and campus portals provides the specific content of the class, teacher expectations, rubrics, individual progress reports and updates.

Consistent J2 Contact Creates Accountability

Accountability can be built in as many students choose meet with their tutor on regularly scheduled fifteen minute check-in calls. The student and tutor follow up on recent content clarity, completion and submission of assignments and teacher communication. 

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