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Start of a new semester with Just2 Tutoring

Although I have recently discovered that the expression in like a lion is traditionally used at the start of March, it still seems appropriate as a theme for the beginning of the Spring semester. In like a lion simply attempts to capture the passion and intensity that students often feel at the new beginning of an academic segment.

Students who have reflected upon their past performance and are prepared for Another powerful demonstration of their academic abilities are ready for a new experience and I prepare to activate new approaches to their coursework.

That’s where we at Just2 Tutoring come in. Through our support, we assist students in preparing their tools and study strategies. As we begin with a review of past performance, we are able to set our sights on defining success for the close of this semester in May. We support students in identifying their goals, resetting their course schedules and ensuring full access to all sites and applications necessary for peak performance.

You know your students best and you know what they require for success.  In support of this, we have provided the Semester Start up checklist.

As week 2 quickly approaches, we will be discussing the reflection process and supporting our students in effectively identifying that which has worked and that which has not.

Thanks for your patience and expertise.


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