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What is Your Academic Identity?

Just2 Tutoring is unique.

We are a team of academic coaches and tutors who use our skills and experience to guide students. As qualified, engaged adults, we guide them along their individual path to academic success. This results in a strong, accurate sense of academic identity.

In fact, J2 has a clear vision. J2’s vision for the practice of academic coaching is:

To change the negative, stigmatizing perception of “Academic Tutoring” as

temporary remedial interventionists responding to failure to

Lifetime, proactive coaches who focus on future success.

A lifetime of future success requires a positive academic identity: a level of confidence that one can be both competitive and successful in any chosen coursework.

Our students work with us to improve their productivity, test performance, and grade point averages. More importantly,  J2 students learn skills of accountability, time management, and self-regulation. They practice these skills within the context of metacognition: learning how one learns most effectively.

Quick Story

When I was growing up, we spent a lot of time with my cousins, Joanne & Michael. Michael, a normal kid, struggled both academically and behaviorally at school. He found his way as an intern and through his connections at the local fire department became part of a local paramedic team. His contacts within Philadelphia and surrounding hospitals opened an opportunity to begin serving in an elite chopper based first responder team out of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

He worked tirelessly with an outstanding performance record as a paramedic with Pennstar for about a year. It was at about this time that his supervisor required his official certification to qualify for a full-time position. I remember Michael studied for and put off the test for what felt like months. He did not pass. He made two additional attempts which were equally unsuccessful. Not only did he lack a positive academic identity, but he also lacked the support as a young student to develop his own self-regulation to create that identity. Years later, Michael eventually became a decorated police officer. Today he says he doesn’t regret any of it but his adult life was led by circumstance rather than choice.

Just2 Tutoring students have the support they need to develop a positive academic identity.

We challenge our students to push through excuses and embrace challenges. J2 coaches provide mentorship and lead students to identify their distractions and time leaks, to create and commit to study schedules and facilitate effective communication. It is in these efforts that students assimilate the skills necessary for success in any coursework or major that suits them best.

So, talk with your students about their academic identity.

  • How do they perceive their abilities?
  • In what ways have they developed over the past few years?
  • What does smart mean to a student and how does s/he measure up to that idea?
  • Get the support that students require. Contact J2 today.
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