Raymond Baker

Raymond graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Philosophy. For his honors, he successfully defended a thesis titled [...]

Camila Tedder

Camila holds a Bachelor’s in Comparative World Literature, emphasizing Literature of the Americas, and an Associate Degree in English. She also earned a Bachelor’s in Journalism back [...]

Sarah Eck

Sarah is a Special Education teacher who just left the classroom. She taught for 7 years, grades 2-9 in Denver public schools and Aurora public schools. She has been trained in Lindamood-Bell [...]

Stephen Solis

Stephen Solis is in his 15th year as a high school Special Education teacher.  Over those years he has taken a life coach approach to helping students achieve academic success and have a [...]

Foster Greer

Attending Casey Middle School, and Boulder High School, and now a senior at the University of Colorado. Foster Greer is a coach who is well versed in our local school systems. He is currently [...]

Aura De Los Santos

Aura De Los Santos has more than 8 years of experience working in the field of education. She has worked in universities and schools as an academic coach, supporting students in their educational [...]

Laurel Payzant

I value my experiences in education as a lifelong learner and love that I can continue to grow alongside my students. I excel in human connections and fostering a compassionate environment; I [...]

Joseph Lawlor

Joseph Lawlor is a mathematics coach who enjoys the art of teaching and seeing progress and understanding develop in students. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from [...]

Carolyn Prince

Carolyn Prince (Caz) has a Bachelor of Arts (Literature Major) and Bachelor of Education (Secondary – 5th-12th Grades – English and Humanities) from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. [...]

Jaz Mannion

Jaz Mannion began her clinical work as the Therapeutic Director for both residential and recreational programs for multipli-handicapped children and adults. She earned her master’s degree [...]

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