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Getting ready to take the SAT, ACT, or just improve your test-taking abilities? After-school tutoring programs can help take testing to the next level. Test-taking can be stressful and overwhelming, especially for tests that cover comprehensive knowledge. Thankfully, the right tutor can help you improve your testing abilities. When you and your tutor work on these 3 testing things, you’ll notice a big difference in your test-taking skills.


Personalized Tutoring

First, your tutor should tailor your sessions to your needs and abilities. People need test-related tutoring for many different reasons. Every student is different, and each student has different needs. For example, you might be great at math but struggle with the math portion of exams. By using personalized after-school tutoring programs, you can learn why you’re struggling and take testing to the next level. Other students work with ADHD, executive function disorders, and other things that can get in the way of test-taking. Work with a tutor to identify specific roadblocks, and you’ll notice a big difference when it’s time to take that test.


Learn Test-Taking Strategies

Unfortunately, taking a test isn’t just about knowing the subject material. Test-taking itself is a skill. Fortunately, you can learn how to take tests just like you can learn any other skill. After-school tutoring programs can help. Your tutor can help you learn different testing strategies. With a tutor’s help, you can learn to make the most of timed tests, return to tough questions, and narrow down multiple-choice answers. You can learn testing strategies while you learn your other subjects. Combining that knowledge will take you far.


Use Calming Techniques

Test-taking also requires a certain level of calmness. Lots of people get nervous before tests, but if your anxiety is overwhelming, then it can stop you from doing your best. Fortunately, understanding your material and using test strategies can help. Feeling prepared and confident will absolutely calm your nerves. A tutor may also be able to help you find other calming techniques that you can use before and during a test.


After-School Tutoring Programs

Looking for some test support? Our after-school tutoring programs can help. We’ll personalize your program to make it work for you. We often help students with ADHD and other executive functioning issues, creating strategies to help students overcome challenges. Ready to get started? Contact us now. Let’s talk about your personalized test support plan.


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