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The transition in the curriculum from high school to college is difficult for many students. This is especially true for those not academically challenged at the high school level. College professors have higher expectations that many college-bound students are just not prepared for. Therefore, investing in tutoring services for students heading off to college is a valuable way to ensure they succeed in their collegiate studies.

Defining The Differences Between High School & College

College is the first time most students are on their own. Therefore, they are invigorated by newfound independence. However, it is potentially detrimental to their success in school. Their parents are not around to ensure their assignments are getting done.

For the first time, students must be proactive in managing their time and staying on top of deadlines. Learning accountability for their work is a skill that can be taught and will prove beneficial in college. Academic coaching teaches students how to use this skill efficiently. This starts their collegiate success.

The Importance Of Preparing For More Challenging Academics

High school curriculum is vastly different than college. High school work is often guided. However, collegiate work is more independent. For example, college students are required to complete lots of reading and research on their own time. However, in high school, classes are dedicated to completing these tasks.

College professors are also stricter when it comes to assignments and projects. They do not go over the format for each paper (APA, MLA, etc.); the style will likely be outlined in the syllabus. Professors expect proper research to be completed without instruction. Therefore, college students have to be prepared for anything. Proper tutoring services prepare them for whatever the professor throws their way. With these tools, they are more effective in completing assignments because they do not need to do research on styles and formatting.

Who Can Benefit From Tutoring Services?

Any student ready to embark on their collegiate journey benefits from academic coaching. Additionally, students not as academically challenged in high school find an even greater benefit. There are some high schools that do not provide a solid foundation that sets students up for success in college.

Students with any GPA benefit from learning what to expect in college. Tutoring services give them the tools they need to enter college ahead of some of their peers. This allows them to bypass the stage many new college students go through: learning how to adapt to collegiate curriculum.

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If your child wants to embark on the college experience with a strong head on their shoulders, academic coaching will equip them with the tools they need to succeed. Sign your college student up for tutoring services today!

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