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As our world has become more modernized, many of us have begun to lose touch with meaningful rituals. While some aspects of rituals live on through traditional rites of passage, like getting a driver’s license or graduating from school, it can be difficult for students to connect deeply with the different study routines in their lives. 

Just2 Knows Your Time is Important

At Just2, we understand that discovering effective study rituals requires examining day-to-day activities to identify what works best for you – such as preparing specific snacks beforehand and laying out all necessary materials before diving into work. We know the littlest shifts can make all the difference. By doing this detective work, our students set themselves up for success when tackling any task at hand – academic or not.

Teaching Effective Study Routines

To help give our students a productive edge, Just2 introduces schedule structuring elements into your young person’s environment. We recommend utilizing timers to keep track of start and end times for study periods. The sound of the bell can be a compelling reminder that it’s time to begin or take a break – encouraging you to focus better on homework tasks. It is also important to note that adequately adjusted lighting levels in designated study spaces and a fresh scent can significantly improve mood and the studying experience. Consider adding some background music by curating playlists appropriate for studying. We recommend avoiding lyrics as they can be distracting.

Keeping Family and Friends Informed

We also teach our Just2 students the importance of informing their family and friends when they are busy studying. To make sure that everyone is on the same page, they will message their group to let them know what time they’ll be unavailable, then turn off notifications until their study session is up. They’ll even put it on a calendar for others to see!

Make Just2 a Part of Study Routines

Our Just2 coaches have an in-depth knowledge of rituals and routines which support more effective study habits. They can help students, such as athletes and high-achievers, with even the busiest of schedules, learn how to organize their day-to-day lives to have more time to relax. Not only do Just2 coaches help identify where changes need to occur, but they also assist in making those changes happen so that students can reap the full benefits of their newly implemented rituals and routines. 

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