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Summer seems so far away, but it’s not as far off as we’d like to think. At Just2, we know that making the most of the summer break involves planning ahead, communicating plans, and taking action early tend to get what we want out of the summer season. 

Planning Ahead for The Summer Break

There’s no better way to ensure that you get what you want out of the summer than by planning ahead, especially when it comes to your child. Many summer camps already have their rosters full and wait lists started, so if there’s a program or activity that interests them, make sure to sign up as soon as possible! Planning ahead means that you’ll be able to maintain a routine and schedule with your young person throughout the summer.

Summer Travel Plans

One of the best things about summer is being able to travel to new places or visit people you care about. If that is something you would like to do this year, now is the time to start making arrangements and budgeting for any costs associated with travel. Additionally, if you’d like friends or family members to come visit you, now is also a great time to start planning for their visits. 

Summer Service and Summer Work

If your goal this summer is to find a job or serve the community =, now is the perfect time to start looking into job and community postings in your area. Consider service-oriented jobs such as working in retail or hospitality—these experiences can be powerful ways for young adults and teens alike to engage with their community while discovering their personal contributions they can offer others. We also want to offer a list of community service opportunities in Boulder.

Exploring Interests & Passions 

Summer can be a great time to explore interests or develop projects that you feel passionate about. Consider taking some online classes related to a field that interests you or doing some research into ways that you can contribute positively in your community through volunteer work or service projects. Alternatively, if school credits are something that you need then look into options around recovering credits or getting ahead before the fall semester begins – many schools offer these programs during the summer months as well as online courses for credit recovery/completion. Finally, if college admission exams such as the SAT/ACT are on your horizon then now is a great time to start preparing and brushing up on skills before registration closes.  

What We Want For You and Your Child

As parents, we want our young people to enjoy their summer break – take advantage of all the fun activities offered in the area and grab some much-needed rest after a long school year! However, we also want what is best for them. That’s why Just2 recommends using this time wisely by considering summer expectations in order to plan accordingly. By planning ahead, communicating goals early and often with family, and taking action on those plans – there is no limit to how great the summer can be for the family.

At Just2 Tutoring, we strive for parents and students to get the break they deserve. Schedule a consultation today so summer dreams become summer realities. 

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