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With a constant focus on grades, standardized testing and its impact on college acceptance, math anxiety is a common issue many kids experience. Many parents wonder what exactly it is, whether or not their child has it, and how it can be overcome.

Read on for more information about math anxiety and how getting a math tutor in Boulder, such as Just2Tutoring, can help.

What Is Math Anxiety?

Math anxiety was defined in 1972 by psychologists Frank Richardson and Richard Suinn as “A feeling of tension and anxiety that interferes with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in a wide variety of ordinary life and academic situations.” Such feelings can be very overwhelming for children and can manifest in different ways.

What Are The Effects On Learning?

Math anxiety presents differently depending on the child. Some will act out during math class or attempt to avoid math by going to the bathroom or asking to go to the nurse. Others may completely shut down… simply unable to perform their math work. It can even involve physical symptoms such as stomachaches and sweating.

How Can It Be Overcome?

Fortunately, it can be overcome with extra effort by parents, teachers, and possibly the help of a tutor, with the goal of making math time (whether in school or at home) as fun and relaxed as possible.

First, it’s important to encourage making mistakes by explaining that mistakes are not a “problem,” but actually the path towards math competence. In addition, hiring a tutor can perform wonders in overcoming math anxiety. Because such kids have very low confidence in their math skills, a tutor can increase their self-confidence in a safe setting (away from grades and big red error marks they might receive at school).

Once your child feels comfortable doing math with their tutor, they will feel better about math tests, homework, and classwork where it “counts” in a higher pressure school setting.

While this can affect elementary, middle, and high school kids, and even adults, encouragement from parents, teachers, and tutors is proven to increase math confidence… and consequently decrease (or ideally eliminate) math anxiety.

At Just2Tutoring, your child will receive the one-on-one support they need to help lessen their math anxiety, increase their math abilities, and enhance their overall academic performance. Contact Just2Tutoring today for more information about our services.


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