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Does your child fly through their homework, participate in class, and deliver high quality projects, but their test scores don’t reflect their true aptitude because they struggle with tests?

This common issue can be extremely frustrating for kids (and parents!). If this sounds like your child, they may need test-taking help. A tutoring service in Boulder, Colorado, like Just2Tutoring, may be the perfect solution to your child’s test-taking issues. Here are three common reasons why otherwise high-performing kids may be struggling with tests…

Test-Taking Anxiety

Many children struggle with test-taking anxiety and simply don’t score well with the pressure they are experiencing. Fortunately, at Just2Tutoring, we can help. We provide one-on-one support to help your child get organized, study effectively, and maintain their focus, giving them added confidence that can greatly reduce (or eliminate) such anxiety when it’s test time.

ADHD Issues

Some children perform poorly on tests because they have ADHD, making it very difficult to focus on their tests. At Just2Tutoring, we help kids with ADHD in grades K-12 with specialized one-on-one test support. We also work with families to help you navigate 504 plans, IEPS, and other solutions to help your ADHD child.

Learning Disabilities

Students with learning disabilities often struggle with tests, despite being very strong in a subject area. For example, they may thrive when solving math problems and challenges. However, that same child may have a reading-specific learning disability, causing them to struggle with math word problems or long questions and answers. The student may be perfectly capable of solving every problem on the test, but their learning disability makes it near impossible for their skills to reflect well in their test score. At Just2Tutoring, we help students with all types of learning differences to be successful.

If your child is understanding and excelling in a subject, but struggling with tests, it’s time to get them test-taking help. A tutoring service in Boulder, CO, such as Just2Tutoring, is the perfect place to go as we have deep experience helping students be successful. Contact Just2Tutoring today to learn more about the services we provide.

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